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15 February 2024

InterSICOP 2024 presents the latest in bakery, patisserie, ice cream and coffee alongside more than 175 national and international companies.

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From 17 to 20 February 2024, organised by IFEMA MADRID

CoffeeFest is taking place for the first time, coinciding with the trade fair Ice Cream, Bakery and Pastry Championships, the Grand Masters Seminar and the Intersicop Forum, which includes events such as the Women Bakers' Forum, are just a few of the highlights at the event.

InterSICOP 2024, the largest gathering of the Bakery, Patisserie, Ice Cream, Coffee and Equipment industry, returns to Madrid for its fourteenth edition from 17 to 20 February under the heading of "la pasión que nos une" (the passion that unites us) as its leitmotif. Organised by IFEMA MADRID, more than 175 companies from eight countries will be presenting their latest products in halls 12 and 14 of the trade fair centre.

This is the only trade event dedicated exclusively to this sector on the Iberian Peninsula, which returns to its biennial meeting to show professionals the latest trends and technologies developed over the last two years.  Together with an extensive programme of conferences, seminars, demonstrations and championships, in which professionals will test their skills and abilities, it will complete an event which, for the first time, coincides with Coffee Fest, the great international meeting for coffee lovers which, once again, will be focusing on speciality coffee. And all of this, with the support of the entire associative fabric of this important economic sector, which, after the difficulties of recent years, is regaining its momentum. This is confirmed by the participation figures of this new edition of InterSICOP, which shows the good moment the industry is undergoing.

. Packed agenda of demonstrations, competitions, conferences and seminars

The exhibition will be complemented by an intensive agenda of meetings, including conferences, seminars, demonstrations and competitions, where participants will be sharing their knowledge, skills and experiences. Professionals of the stature of Jacob Torreblanca -the best pastry chef in the world-, Lluc Crusellas - the world’s best chocolatier-, and Marcos Díaz -the Best Master Artisan Pastry Chef of Spain 2023 (MMAPE)- will be offering their best creations at the Great Masters of bakery, pastry and ice cream seminar.

For its part, the InterSICOP Forum will be hosting presentations from the different sectors represented at the Show, as well as the round tables of the Association of Artisan Entrepreneurs of the Madrid Pastry sector (ASEMPAS), and the 2nd Forum of Women Bakers.

There will also be important pastry championships taking place, such as the MMAPE, for the Best Master Artisan Pastry Chef in Spain (17 and 18 February 2024), and the 4th National Student Pastry Chef Championship (19 and 20 February), in addition to those specialising in Bakery, such as the 5th National Artisan Bakery Championship (CNPA) - from 17 to 19 February -, the Traditional and Artisan Bakery Lobby - also from 17 to 19 February -, and the 7th Torrijas Competition (20 February). In addition to this, the Ice Cream sector will be hosting the Best Artisan Master Ice Cream Maker of Spain Championship (MMAHE) -17 to 19 February-, as well as different workshops and demonstrations (on the 20th).

Please find attached link for more information on the activities:  ACTIVITIES

. Coffee Fest

For the first time ever, Coffee Fest will be coinciding with InterSICOP, an international event of great prestige for coffee lovers and professionals, being held in Hall 14, aimed at promoting the culture of speciality coffee. Coffee Fest will be presenting an extensive agenda of talks, workshops, coffee itineraries through the capital, and coffee sampling areas. In short, an event that will contribute to enriching InterSICOP's usual extensive exhibition offering.

In addition to the presence of the leading sector companies, there is also the renewed support of the main business groups in this industry for their main commercial showcase, which provides their associates with a valuable commercial and positioning tool. Therefore, participating at InterSICOP 2024 are the National Association of Artisan Ice-cream Makers (ANHCEA); Spanish Confederation of Pastry Artisan Entrepreneurs (CEEAP); the Spanish Confederation of Baking, Pastry-making and Related Products (CEOPPAN); the Association of pastry and bakery artisan entrepreneurs of the Community of Madrid (ASEMPAS); the Spanish Association of Flour Manufacturers (AFHSE); the Spanish Association of Baking and Pastry-making Machinery, Ovens and Equipment and Similar Products (AMEC / AFESPAN); the Spanish Association of the Bakery, Pastry and Cake Industry (ASEMAC); the National Association of Manufacturers of Raw Materials and Additives for the Bakery, Pastry and Ice-cream Industry (ASPRIME), and the Association of Product and Service Providers for the Professional Foodstuffs (PROVEA).

Finally, InterSICOP is re-launching its LIVEConnect platform. This digital platform, designed as a networking space, will offer the possibility of complementing the on-site event with new features, generating new business opportunities between the bakery, patisserie, ice cream, coffee and equipment industries.

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