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Art fairs

The art and culture sector encompasses the set of individual agents and institutions that are dedicated to the commercial exploitation of art. As a market, it sets prices for artistic products or works of art. It includes art galleries and dealers, as well as art fairs that connect artists to the buying public; both private (art lovers, amateurs, collectors, etc.) and institutional (museums, local political institutions, city councils, regional government, autonomous communities in Spain or national, governments, parliaments and other state institutions, and private institutions, companies and foundations).

Art in society

Since human beings have inhabited the world, art has been part of it, as a way of expressing feelings, emotions and values. Likewise, art is part of culture and is a reflection of society. In fact, we study past societies by their artistic expressions. 

Art is expression and is one more form of communication. Artists see in it a way to express ideas and emotions; in short, their way of seeing and understanding the world. With art, social, political, sentimental and even economic issues can be represented. Everything around us is art. A song, a photograph, a poem, a painting, a sculpture, a building, a film and even a plate of food can make up real works of art. 

This doctrine gives us aesthetic pleasure and this is the main reason for the existence of the art industry. The subjectivity that walks hand in hand with this concept means that what some people consider to be art, others do not. A work becomes art according to the eyes that look at it. That is why it is conferred as a versatile sector that accepts all kinds of expressions, works and artists. 

The art sector

Spain has been the artistic cradle of many creators and its social and political history has fully marked the artistic culture at every moment. 

The reality of art has changed. It is no longer just an idyllic means of expression and a hobby, art is now in itself a market and a sector and therefore depends on economic flows. It is a special sector, with very different times and characteristics, but it is unique. 

Artistic pieces are now products that provide value and profitability. It is not a target market where there is a clear supply and demand trend, but it is a sector that invites investment, because the pieces are revalued over time. 

The idiosyncrasy of art makes this a unique and special sector. The commercial exploitation of art by different agents has achieved that this sector acquires an important place within the economic flow and that it is predicted to have a promising future. After all, art is to life what life is to art; and art will only die when life dies. 


In IFEMA MADRID, Feria de Madrid, we host several art fairs to give visibility to all members of the sector. In our program you can find fairs such as ARCO, International Contemporary Art Fair in Madrid and Lisbon; ESTAMPA, Contemporary Art Fair; FERIARTE, Antiques and Art Galleries Fair; and ALMONEDA, Antiques, Art Galleries and Collecting Fair.