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Antique Fairs

The antiques sector includes groups of collectors, antique dealers and decorators interested in historical items such as furniture, jewellery and other objects of the twentieth century and earlier.


The antique industry is for some a fascinating journey through history, culture and art. In short, it is a reflection of the evolution of countries that shows the most important socio-political events of each era. 

For a piece to be considered as an antique, by law, it must be more than 100 years old.  However, there are exceptions to this designation, such as the Almoneda fair, where the object must be at least 50 years old. 

Nowadays, there are more and more antique fairs proliferating all over Europe. Added to this is the increase in the number of participants in auctions and the increase in collectors, so it is a sector that is booming. 

The Antiques sector: for a more sustainable consumption

In recent years, the antiques sector has experienced a resurgence in terms of both buyers and sellers. 

Greater social awareness of climate change and the importance of environmental conservation has boosted interest in antiques, making the purchase of this type of item a way of curbing environmental impact.

The restoration of antiques offers a second chance for pieces of artistic value, extending their useful life, which means a reduction in emissions and, consequently, in environmental pollution. 

Antique Fairs at IFEMA MADRID

Every year for several days, IFEMA MADRID becomes the perfect meeting point for furniture, objects and works of art of incalculable artistic value. Through the different antique fairs, a new lesson in history is given by antique dealers from different parts of the world.

FERIARTE annually demonstrates the right to feel art. This thought has led it to place itself among the main antique fairs in Spain. In them, collectors, professionals and art lovers interact around exclusive pieces of all prices. 

But if it is a question of travelling back in time, ALMONEDA ANTIK PASSION meets the most demanding requirements of collectors of decorative objects and vintage accessories.  In its Christmas edition, the fair becomes the perfect finale to a spectacular year that goes from 18th century acquisitions to pieces from Art Deco collections.