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Fruit-Attraction tree

Fruit Attraction

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Boost your sales at Fruit Attraction 2023

Fruit Attraction 2023, taking place in Madrid from the 3rd of October to the 5th of October, will once again become the world`s epicentre for the commercialisation of fresh produce, where innovation, quality and diversity are key factors influencing operators and retailers from all over the world to plan their campaigns at just the right time.

On its 15th anniversary, Fruit Attraction will bring together more than 90,000 potential customers from 135 countries who are looking for the latest trends in the fruit and vegetable industry to make their business profitable and boost their business.

We count on you! Fruit Attraction 2023 will be a unique and exclusive edition.

Fruit Attraction Areas

Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce

Fruit Attraction takes in the variety of fruit and vegetable products brought from different parts of the world by the exhibitor companies.

Within this area is the Ecorganic Market space.

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Auxiliary Industry

Industria Auxiliar

Auxiliary Industry

Fruit Attraction is a point of reference for the professionals throughout the entire supply chain.

This area includes the Smart Agro and Biotech Attraction spaces.

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Fresh Food Logistics

Fresh food logistics

Fresh Food Logistics

Fruit Attraction brings together under one roof all the players in the refrigerated food chain.

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Fresh&Star star product: Lettuce

Lettuce will be the star product of Fruit Attraction 2023, with specific activities to promote the opening up of markets, development of promotion strategies for companies.

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THANK YOU for being part of the #FruitAttraction2022 family

THANK YOU for being part of the #FruitAttraction22 family!
THANK YOU for being part of
the #FruitAttraction22 family!