Innova & Tech

Digital display with fruit software

Innova & Tech, the space to promote innovation

The new Innova & Tech area will bring together the Biotech Attraction and Smart Agro sectors and will be a space for companies involved in innovation, research, technological development in plant genomics.

  • Transformation solutions.
  • Sustainability.
  • Automation.
  • Robotisation.
  • IOT.
  • Digitalisation among others, fundamental keys to growth in the agriculture of the future.
Biotech Attraction

Biotech Attraction space

Research and technological development in agrobiology/plant biotechnology. New technologies based on plant biology.

With the collaboration of:

Smart Agro

Smart Agro space

Innovative products that apply information technologies to the fruit and vegetable sector (apps, IOT, big data, ERPs, tracking, monitoring, automation, prediction, digitalisation...).

People walking through Innovation Hub halls

Innovation Hub

Once again this year it will be a great opportunity to promote and give maximum visibility to Fruit Attraction's star products, and to show the international fruit and vegetable industry as a whole that innovation is one of the pillars of a modern industry, adapted to new consumer profiles.

 A space at the fair that will bring together the new products and the best products and services of the exhibitors participating in the International Fruit and Vegetable Sector Fair, organised into two categories: Fresh produce and auxiliary industry.