Why Exhibit?

set of colorful fruits

Why Exhibit?

  • FRUIT ATTRACTION is the commercial meeting point for the entire fruit and vegetable value chain at international level.
  • OCTOBER, a key month for global fruit and vegetable sales.
  • The entire value chain of the sector together under one roof.
  • Southern Europe: the new hub for global fruit and vegetable sales.
  • Trade show model geared to profitability. We invest in each participating company to ensure they achieve results and obtain a return on their investment.
  • Initiate, continue or finalise sales processes with the entire distribution channel present in FRUIT ATTRACTION
  • Present the latest developments and strategies, while gathering the opinion of the client.
  • Identify and attract new partners and distributors from around the world.
  • Meet existing customers and suppliers face to face.
  • Test new products and services, marketing campaigns, etc.
  • Create or reinforce brand positioning.
  • Get global media coverage for new products and services.


The sector instrument at the service of the Flowers and Plants business sector


Specialised area for companies offering technological solutions in precision agriculture.


Specialised area for the sale and export of organic products.


Specialised area for the sale and export of nuts.

95,000 Visitors
2,000 Companies
140 Countries
18 Sectors

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