Fresh food logistics

fresh logistics

The commercial meeting point for all professionals in the cold transport and logistics supply chain for perishable products

Fresh Food Logistics  brings together under one roof all the actors of the food chain of the targeted cold chain; from storage at origin, logistics and transport to cold solutions for retail, last mile and e-commerce:


  • Climate control solutions and preservation and storage facilities.
  • Climate controlled, isothermal and refrigerated containers.
  • Fresh food processing, handling and packaging systems.
  • Services & logistics operators with cold supply chain for the food industry.
  • Temperature control systems for cold chain transport.
  • Refrigerated transport and cold chain equipment (Land, sea, and air.
  • Short and long haul).
  • Cold technologies & automation.
  • Quality control equipment and systems.
  • Cold and chilled facilities and temperature control equipment for retail.
  • Transport solutions for food-delivery and food e-commerce.
  • Other related services.