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09 June 2021

Finalists have already been selected for the VeePee Creativity Awards

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The projects by the artists Marian Garrido -Fran Reus-, Esther Gatón –Cibrián- and Kristin Wenzel - Suprainfinit Gallery- have been selected by the jury from a total of 26 proposals submitted y 12 galleries to the Opening section of ARCOmadrid 2021.

Coinciding with the launch of the fair, the winning work will be presented on Wednesday July 7th in ARCO’s Exhibitors’ Lounge. Under the motto ´Visions of the Future´, there has been strong participation in this first edition that seeks to foster art and young talents.

The projects by the artists Marian Garrido, Esther Gatón and Kristin Wenzel are the three finalists selected by the jury of the VeePee Creativity Awards, the winner of which will be announced on July 7th, the opening day of ARCOmadrid. The recently announced jury decision reflects the high level of participation and the quality of the works presented.

26 artists from 13 countries represented by 12 galleries from the Opening section of ARCOmadrid 2021, organised by IFEMA MADRID, have participated in the first edition of the VeePee Creativity Awards. The award, created with the collaboration of ARCO to promote emerging talent, has revolved around the motto ‘Visions of the Future’.

“At VeePee we are always looking to the future, anticipating the needs of our targets, and in this pandemic context we think it’s now more interesting than ever to look towards what’s coming and overcome what we’ve already passed” says Albert Serrano, general manager of Veepee España.

National and International Talent

The artist from Asturias, Marian Garrido, represented by the Fran Reus gallery -Palma de Mallorca-, has had exhibitions in Madrid, Barcelona, Mexico and London, among others. Her work explores the connections between magic and science. The relationship with technology and how to change culture “through aesthetic deterioration” are the essence of her works.

For her part, Esther Gatón, from the Cibrián gallery -San Sebastián-, has been selected with the work entitled “Lo Crudo y Lo Cocido”. The artist, originally from Valladolid with a doctorate (cum laude) from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, has exhibited in different cities in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Valladolid, Oviedo, Pamplona) and other countries including Brazil or Chile.

Kristin Wenzel, represented by Suprainfinit Gallery -Bucharest-, has been selected for her project “Flesh Dance”. The German artist has centred her work on the public space, putting forward different alternatives and imagining open structures and interventions. 

The artist and winning work will be announced on July 7th, coinciding with the inauguration of ARCOmadrid 2021, in an act that will include the participation of Maribel Lopez, director of ARCOmadrid, and Albert Serrano, general manager of Veepee in Spain, and will take place in the Exhibitors’ Lounge at 1:15 pm.