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15 December 2023

Fundación ARCO entrusts Museo Univerisdad de Navarra with the study and knowledge dissemination of the ARCO Collection.

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The collaboration agreement signed by the two institutions involves the start of various research and exhibition projects on the Fundación ARCO Collection by students of the Master’s Degree in Curatorial Studies, the only official Master’s Degree in curatorial studies in Spain

These collections are housed by Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo de Madrid (CA2M), which will facilitate access to the works and the realisation of exhibition projects at the MUN

Fundación ARCO and Museo Universidad de Navarra have signed a collaboration agreement that allows students of the MUN’s Master’s Degree in Curatorial Studies to research the ARCO collection, comprising 384 works. From their research, the students will write their Master’s Thesis, an exhibition project proposal for the MUN. The alliance was signed by José Vicente de los Mozos, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Fundación ARCO and President of the Executive Committee of IFEMA MADRID, and Jaime García del Barrio, Director of Museo Universidad de Navarra.

This agreement will enable the students of the 6th postgraduate course to have access to the ARCO Collection during the 2023-24 academic year. During the second half of the year, the group will also visit the CA2M (Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo) in Madrid, where the collections are housed, preserved and exhibited. The alliance between the two institutions also envisages other actions to give greater visibility to the Fundación ARCO Collection.

In an initial meeting at the Pamplona campus with the students, Maribel López, director of ARCO and a trustee of Fundación ARCO, introduced the works in the collection and encouraged the students to be transgressive in their approach: “don’t be afraid to find new interpretations of the ARCO Collection, don’t be afraid to make up new words and stories; our Collection is very open in the ways it can be viewed and we trust your youth, creativity and perspective”. López also stressed that this experience will be a very real exercise for future curators, as they “will have to research the pieces, the artists, detect what will catch the public’s attention, take into account aspects of conservation and transport, structure an exhibition project and develop it with flexibility, evolving it, because there will be pitfalls, the same as in any living project”.


The aim of Fundación ARCO is to promote collecting and the research and dissemination of contemporary art. Among its main lines of action is to bring people closer to the art of our time through the AMIG@S ARCO programme and the ARCO GalleryWalks that take place in different cities across Spain. One of its most established initiatives, which also has great projection, is the granting of the “A” Awards for collecting, which has recognised great collectors since 1997. In recent years this initiative has developed international projects such as MAS/Meadows ARCO Spotlight.

In addition, Fundación ARCO has a large collection of contemporary art acquired at ARCO starting in 1987. It is currently on deposit at CA2M (Madrid), where it is periodically loaned out for exhibitions. The collection includes works by artists such as Donald Judd James Turrell, Daniel Buren, Ana Mendieta, Mario Merz and Susana Solano, and continues to grow year after year.


Opened in 2015 in the heart of the University of Navarra campus, it is a meeting point for art and contemporary artistic creation. Its exhibition rooms and theatre are the driving force behind a project focused on creation, research, teaching and dissemination of art and culture which aims to serve society as a whole. The project revolves around its collection and the dialogue between different artistic disciplines.