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What is The Collection

The Fundación ARCO Collection brings together works acquired annually at ARCOmadrid, during the fair. Today, it is one of the most outstanding collections of contemporary art in Spain which, since its beginnings, has embodied two clearly defined objectives: To serve as an example to other institutions and companies when acquiring works at ARCOmadrid and to encourage corporate, private and institutional collecting of contemporary art and boost the market around the Fair.

Currently, the Fundación ARCO Collection is deposited on loan at the CA2M, Centro de Arte dos de Mayo de Móstoles in Madrid region. The collection, which contains more than 300 works, has been developed drawing on the advice of various professionals from around the world such as Edy de Wilde, Gloria Moure, Jan Debbaut, Dan Cameron, Iwona Blazwick, María de Corral, Chus Martínez, Sabine Brietwiesser, José Guirao, Ferrán Barenblit, Miguel von Hafe, Manuel Segade, Vincent Honoré and María Inés Rodríguez, among others.

See La Colección Fundación ARCO at CA2M

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