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ARCOlisboa 2022 closed the doors of its 5th edition on a positive note. The healthy sales rate reported by the galleries confirmed the commitment of Portuguese and international collectors to contemporary art.

In this edition, which recorded around 11,000 attendees, the professionals, collectors and guests stressed in particular the quality of the works exhibited at the stands and the increased risks taken by the gallery owners in their exhibitions, all of which shows a greater confidence in the opportunities for business and promotion of their artists at the fair.

Another highlight was the contents of the curated programmes  ‘Opening’ and ‘Africa in Focus’ sections which, through the offerings by the galleries and discussion panels, provided a first approach to young gallerism and artistic creation on the African continent.

Located in the historic Cordoaria Nacional, the fair has established itself as the main international event for contemporary art in Portugal and an essential tool for the visibility of Portuguese artists to international organisations and collectors from Europe and the Americas. The interest aroused by the artistic submissions of the participating galleries was, together with the city’s social and cultural programme, the best way to attract leading international collectors and professionals.


ARCOlisboa Awards

Winner of the Opening Award:


Organising committee

Pedro Cera
Galeria Pedro Cera, Lisbon.

Bruno Múrias
Galeria Bruno Múrias, Lisbon.

Sabrina Amrani
Galeria Sabrina Amrani, Madrid.

Cornelia Grassi
Greengrassi, London.