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A forest for the VIP room of ARCOmadrid 2021

ARCOmadrid 2021 – July 7-11

29 Oct 2020

The project entered by the team comprising Studio Animal, Estudio Gonzalo del Val and Toni Gelabert has won the ARCOmadrid 2021 VIP Lounge Design Ideas Competition, sponsored by ARCO and RED-AEDE (Reunión Empresas de Diseño de España) -the national network of design industries-, in collaboration with AD (Architectural Digest España).

The decision of the jury, made up of ElbaBenítez, Galería Elba Benítez; Pablo Corral, president of RED-AEDE; Maribel López, director of ARCO; Enric Pastor, director of Revista AD; Rafael Robledo, architect; Helena Rohner, designer; Marisa Santamaria, director of RED-AEDE; Teresa Sapey, Architect, and Marta Seco, co-founder of Grupo Paraguas, was made public this afternoon in an act held in the new Cosentino City Barcelona, a benchmark space for the world of design and architecture in the city

The winning project proposes an outside world to be entered from ARCOmadrid in which to meet in a natural, safe and indecipherable space; an unreal and timeless forest where it is always daytime. “We will build a graticule of trees every 3 metres, in which it is always daytime, an unreal and timeless place, a sort of spatial demarcation reflecting our new ways of relating to each other. The proposal is an adaptable and flexible system, capable of housing exceptional objects that conjure meeting spaces around them”. It is an “exterior design” project that creates a dreamlike atmosphere to sink into, outside. 

The VIP Room of ARCOmadrid  2021 is a proposal by the team made up of: Studio Animal (Javier Jiménez Iniesta); Estudio Gonzalo del Val, and Toni Gelabert. Arquitecte