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ARCOmadrid hosts the El Corte Inglés MAD-FD Contest for art projects

An initiative from the major department store group for its new MAD-FD Madrid Fashion District project

As part of ARCOmadrid 2020, El Corte Inglés is holding the MAD-FD Contest to inspire contemporary art to produce several pieces that will be exhibited in the MAD-FD Madrid Fashion District. This initiative by the company is based on its project to create an innovative, avant-garde new shopping centre concept, where art has an important role.

28 Feb 2020

To do this, MAD-FD and ARCOmadrid have published an open call for creators from ARCOmadrid 2020, whose galleries are invited to submit projects for four MAD-FD skylights in one of the main halls of the space, which the centre will use for creative and cultural purposes.

The jury will be chaired by Gervasio de Posadas and Jorge Valls, director of Ámbito Cultural and director of MAD-FD respectively, representing El Corte Inglés; with members Jaime González Cela and Manuela Pedrón Nicolau, independent curators; Elisa Hernando, director of Arte Global, art advisor and expert in corporate collecting; Javier Velasco, Founder of Work in Progress, expert in the production of works of contemporary art, and Maribel López, director of ARCOmadrid (with a right to be heard but not to vote) and will judge and announce the winner by April 30.

Candidates should submit an artistic project describing the characteristics of the project they have in mind for the proposed space. Due to the structure of these skylights, which consists of scaffolding and a truss structure, there are three possible types of work: volumetric in space, mural type on one or more of the façades and the third of an installation type using the scaffolding as part of the works.

Applications must be submitted by the galleries by 1 April 2020 and work on the winning project will begin on 15 June 2020.

Each winning artist will receive €10,000 that will include the execution of the selected project.

MAD-FD, whose inauguration will take place throughout 2020, offers content based on four areas: fashion and beauty, gastronomy, art and entertainment - a completely new initiative in Spain.