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ARCOmadrid focuses on dialogues from artists

From 27 February to 3 March

• In total, 203 galleries from 30 countries will participate, of which 167 are part of the General Programme, while the rest form part of the curated sections: 'Peru at ARCO' with a selection of 23 artists from 15 galleries, 'Dialogues' with 12, and 'Opening' with 21.

• About 40 por ciento of the galleries will participate with programs focused on the presentation of one or two artists from different environments, reinforcing ARCOmadrid as a space for discovering the work of artists from different generations.

• The fair consolidates its Latin American perspective with the presence of Peru as guest of honour.

22 Nov 2018

The 38th edition of ARCOmadrid, the International Contemporary Art Fair, was presented in Lima, Peru last 12th of November. Organised by IFEMA, it will take place in Madrid from 27 February to 3 March. The most significant aspect of this new event will be the special participation of Peru as a guest country and its presence throughout the Spanish capital with different initiatives in the city's main museums and art centers.

Before the presentation to the press, the official announcement that Peru was to be invited to ARCOmadrid was held at the Government Palace as part of the official visit by the King and Queen of Spain. The Peruvian President, Martín Vizcarra, indicated the "importance of the fair as a platform for the dissemination of contemporary Peruvian art", and stressed that "the great Peruvian cultural presence that is planned for Madrid will mark the starting point for the commemoration of the Bicentennial of Independence, and will contribute to reaffirming the historical and cultural links between Peru and Spain".

A subsequent press conference was given by the Peruvian Minister of Culture, Patricia Balbuena, the general director of IFEMA, Eduardo López-Puertas; the director of ARCOmadrid, Carlos Urroz, and the curator of Peru at the fair, Sharon Lerner. During the event, the main themes for the next edition of ARCO were presented, along with the main content and participants from Peru. According to López-Puertas "The choice of the city of Lima to announce ARCOmadrid 2019 has a very special meaning for IFEMA, which emphasizes our commitment to making Latin America the identifying feature of the fair."

ARCOmadrid 2019 will gather a total of 203 galleries from 30 countries, of which 167 are part of the General Programme, with the rest belonging to the curated sections: 'Peru at ARCO', with a selection of 23 artists from 15 galleries; 'Dialogues', with 12 and 'Opening', with 21.

The programme will focus on the quality and uniqueness of the artists, promoting the exploration of new talents and content for collectors and professionals. Thus, of all the galleries selected by the Organising Committee and the curators of the different programmes, close to 40 por ciento will participate with programs focusing on presenting one or two artists from different background, reinforcing ARCOmadrid as a space to discover the work of artists from different generations.

The participation of Peru as a Guest Country has consolidated the projection of ARCOmadrid as a Latin American reference in Europe. In fact, Latin America will be one of the main regions represented at the fair. Of the 70 por ciento international participation, 29 por ciento is dedicated to artists from Latin America, with 40 galleries from 12 countries from across the region. Latin American artists will also be apresented in galleries from other nations, once again positioning ARCOmadrid as a meeting and exchange point between Europe and Latin America.

As well, February in Madrid will be an exceptional time to celebrate collecting art from Latin America with the different projects on view in the main art centres and museums across the capital. The Instante Fundación will host a show promoted by CIFO Europe with Peruvian artists from the collection of Ella Fontanals-Cisneros, Alberto Rebaza Torres, Armando Andrade de Lucio and Juan Carlos Verme Giannoni. The Santander Art Room will exhibit the Teixeira de Freitas collection; the San Fernando Royal Academy of Fine Arts will host the Eduardo and Mariana Hochschild collection, and Casa de América, the Jan Mulder collection.

These exhibitions will be joined by others from the programme that Peru at ARCO is preparing in the city, coordinated by Fietta Jarque, as well as other actions that will be undertaken within the framework of the Peru Forum, organised by Miguel A. López and with the participation of artists, historians and curators who will analyse the characteristics of contemporary Peruvian art.


The quality of the 44 new galleries participating in ARCO 2019 will be one of the key elements of the fair.

As well, the fair's main axis, the General Programme, will include 167 galleries selected by the Organising Committee, of which 20 are new. Of these, those of Meyer Riegger; Rodeo; Timothy Taylor and Edward Tyler Nahem stand out. Other galleries will be back to reaffirm their confidence in ARCOmadrid, such as Alexander and Bonin; Carlier Gebauer; Chantal Crousel; Esther Schipper; Gregor Podnar; Hauser & Wirth; König Galerie; Raffaela Cortese and Thaddaeus Ropac.

In addition, ARCOmadrid is still committed to presenting projects by individual artists or those in dialogue in a way that once again accommodates the SOLO/DUO proposal. From the galleries in the General Programme, 27 will dedicate their stands to one or two artists, including Miriam Cahn, Marcius Galan, Lia Perjovschi and Cinthia Marcelle.

The curated sections will also include individual presentations or those in dialogue. Peru at ARCO, with the participation of 23 artists from 15 galleries selected by Sharon Lerner, contemporary art curator with the Lima Art Museum, will present internationally recognised artists such as Fernando Bryce, Teresa Burga, Sandra Gamarra, Miguel Aguirre, Antonio Páucar, Herbert Rodríguez, Elena Damiani, Ximena Garrido-Lecca, José Vera Matos, Carlos Runcie Tanaka and Rita Ponce de León.

The Dialogues programme will have 12 galleries selected by Agustin Pérez Rubio -co curator of the Berlin Bienniale-, and Catalina Lozano -associate curator at the Jumex Museum and independent researcher-, whose stands will generate new content and in-depth presentation of works by artists from galleries including Luisa Strina -Anna Maria Maiolino and Magdalena Jitrik-; DVIR -Jonathan Monk and Naama Tsabar-; Patricia Ready -Cecilia Vicuña and Voluspa Jarpa-; PPOW- Carlos Motta and David Wojnarowicz-, and Proyectos Ultravioleta -Vivian Suter and Elisabeth Wild-.

Likewise, the Opening programme will once again focus on galleries that have been open for less than seven years with the aim of providing new information and aesthetic experiences. The program will consist of 21 galleries selected by independent curators Tiago de Abreu Pinto and Ilaria Gianni. A program that includes an investigation beyond the usual art centers, including galleries such as Baril in Cluj-Napoca; Bombon Projects in Barcelona; Climate in Milan; Embassy in San Juan, Puerto Rico; Francisco Fino in Lisbon; Rodríguez in Poznan; in São Paulo, and Sindicato in Santo Domingo

Similarly, around 20 large-format pieces will be located throughout ARCOmadrid under the category Special Projects, which also confirms the galleries' commitment to presenting ambitious works and projects by artists such as Waqas Kahn (Sabrina Amrani); Sandra Gamarra -(Juana de Azipuru); Jaume Plensa (Lelong); Sol Calero (Barbara Gross); Jorge Piqueras (Henrique Faria); Engel Leonardo (Formatocomodo); Pepe Espaliú (García Galeria); Heini Aho (Anhava), and Fernando Bryce (Espaivisor), among others.


As part of its objective to renew and promote new collections, ARCOmadrid will once again launch many different initiatives. One of these will be the action #mecomprounaobra, which goes a step further and evolves into the digital domain. From 26 November to 26 December, the public will be able to go online to acquire pieces for under 2,019 euros being offered by galleries participating in the next fair, via the platform In addition, the free buyer advice service will again be available during the fair at First Collectors by Fundación Banco Santander, while at the same time the Young Collectors programme will be boosted by inviting some thirty young international collectors. Parallel, the online platform will once again offer those interested an opportunity to explore the fair and the works on show online and through the Artsy App.

These are the efforts aimed at involving first time buyers and thus, will contribute towards encouraging collecting and contemporary art which reflects the founding goals of Fundación ARCO.

All this is added to the international buyers and special guests programmes, which will bring 300 collectors and 200 professionals from more than 40 countries to Madrid. As well to the presence of patron collectors and members of museums such as Triennale di Milano, MAMCO, Chelsea Art Group, Jeu de Paume, CAAC Mali, the Meadows Foundation, New Museum of Art, the Parasol Unit, PIA, The Power Plant, El Museo del Barrio and the High Museum of Art Atlanta.

At ARCO, both national and international private companies will join the initiatives to promote the acquisition and recognition of artistic creation, through different prizes including the Audemars Piguet Prize for the production of an exceptional artwork; the Illy Sustainart Award; Beep Electronic Art Award; Alhambra Emerging Art Award; Catalina D'Anglade Award; Han Nefkens Foundation ARCO Award; ARCO / Community of Madrid Award for Young Artists and the Opening Award.


ARCOmadrid once again lends itself to the voices of contemporary art professionals consolidating the event as a place of encounter, exchange and essential knowledge for critics, curators, institution managers, and other art professionals. This, also makes possible the intense programme of debates comprising the reflection platform.

This year, the Forum commences with the participation of Mario Vargas Llosa, to be followed by the now well consolidated Collector Forum which, in collaboration with the Fundación Banco Santander, Judith Benhamou-Huet presents sessions directed by Jean-Jacques Aillagon; George Stolz and Dani Levinas amongst others, with the support of the Ámbito Cultural de El Corte Inglés.

It will also reflect on new collecting, within the Young Collectors Forum in a talk directed by Bea Espejo. There will also be a session in the Artists Forum, directed by Agustín Pérez Rubio.

On the other hand, the Peru Forum, organised by Miguel A. López, will offer conversations on the characteristics of contemporary Peruvian art, with the participation of, among others, Fernando Bryce, visual artist; Roberto Huarcaya, photographer and general director of the Image Center; Christian Bendayán, artist and former director of the National Cultural Institute of Iquitos; Natalia Majluf, art historian and former director of the Lima Museum of Art; Florencia Portocarrero, curator of public programmes with Proyecto AMIL; José Carlos Mariátegui, curator and director of Alta Tecnología Andina and Max Hernández Calvo, independent curator.

The Professionals Meetings will once again be sessions closed to the public. At the Dialogues Meeting, directed by the curator Catalina Lozano, information will be about the different sections at the fair, while the Visiting Museums Meeting will include two meetings organized by AECID.

On the other hand, Ana Longoni, Director of public activities at MNCARS; Tamara Díaz Bringas, coordinator of letters and publication at MNCARS; and Mabel Tapia, coordinator of L'Internationale, with the collaboration of AECID, will lead the 8th European and Latin American Museums Meeting, which will bring to Madrid around 60 directors and representatives of museums from around the world.


Architecture and design once again take center stage at the fair. On this occasion, the Burgos & Garrido studio will be responsible for the design of ARCOmadrid, in addition to the Peruvian architects Mariana Leguía _ Maya Ballén who will design the gallery space for ` Peru at ARCO`.

The VIP Room will be a space created by the Lázaro Rosa Violán Studio, in collaboration with the magazine AD. In its interior, the Audemars Piguet space will host the piece winning the Prize for the Production of an art work that will be announced shortly.

Similarly, the ARCO Foundation Room, which will host the work by the artist Armando Andrade Tudela, will have special intervention from La Nave, and Room 38 will be designed by Casa Josephine.


Once again, ARCOmadrid has been able to count on the backing of private initiatives and important corporations and institutions through sponsorship in the different areas and initiatives present at the fair.

Accordingly, this edition has received the institutional collaboration of AC/E Acción Cultural Española; AECID; as well as Fundación Banco Santander; Audemars Piguet; Fundación Banco Sabadell; Ruinart; illy caffè; Caixabank; Cervezas Alhambra; Ron Zacapa; KUNA; NH Collection; BEEP and Loewe, among others.

ARCOmadrid 2019, which is organized by IFEMA, will be held from 27th February to 3rd March in Halls 7 and 9 of Feria de Madrid, from 12.00 midday to 8.00 p.m.