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ARCOmadrid celebrates its 35th Anniversary with an exceptional and one-of-a-kind edition

Organised by IFEMA, it will take place from 24 to 28 of February

For the first time ever, some of the most prestigious galleries in the world will coincide at the Fair, making ARCOmadrid a unique date on the international calendar

In addition, it will also focus on the rising talents of contemporary art, with 98 proposals dedicated to one or two artists, consolidating the Fair as a benchmark for the discovery and research of new artists

In total, 221 galleries from 27 countries will participate: 167 form part of the General Programme; 18 of Solo Projects, and 18 of Opening. They will be joined by a new addition in the shape of some thirty great names from the international gallery scene that will make up the commemorative programme, Imagining Other Futures

An edition that is also unique for its strategy of renewing and driving the Fair as the main platform of the art market. To do so, among its many other actions, apart from its traditional programme there will also be a selection of young collectors who have been invited along with the 250 from 33 countries that comprise the Collectors programme

The Fair also pays tribute to Madrid through its Año 35. Madrid project, that proposes contemporary art interventions in different spaces and institutions throughout the city

25 Feb 2016

IFEMA celebrates the 35th Anniversary of ARCOmadrid from 24 to 28 of February, with a unique edition that will exceptionally bring together a selection of the major names on the international gallery scene which had not coincided at the Fair to date. Galleries that have been present at ARCOmadrid at some stage in the Fair’s history, which have been invited to participate in the Imagining Other Futures section on the occasion of its 35th edition for their quality, their essential role in the international contemporary art market and for their contribution to ARCOmadrid.

This tribute to the Fair itself will complement the programmes presenting the 167 galleries selected by the Organising Committee in the General Programme, the 18 in the Opening section and the 18 in Solo Projects. In all, they make a total of 221 galleries from 27 different countries and will represent the art scene of the last 35 years, linking the Fair’s past with the emerging artists of the future. In fact, this edition will once again be ratified as a benchmark for the research, discovery and knowledge of new creative talents. In this sense, 98 galleries will present projects by either individual artists or artists in dialogue at their stand.

It will be an extraordinary gathering drawing collectors, curators, museum directors, gallery owners, artists and professionals from the world over to Madrid, rendering the Fair an unmissable and one-of-a-kind event on the international calendar. An edition that will be defined by the quality and selection of the contents, as well as their pronounced international profile, which on this occasion will reach 71 por ciento of foreign galleries, with a remarkable Latin American presence – 47 galleries from 10 countries, representing 26 por ciento of the international segment-, thus consolidating ARCOmadrid as a meeting-point and space for exchange between Europe and Latin America.

Commitment to acquisitions
This special edition will be reinforced by the support of some of the country’s most important companies and collections. This is the case of Museo Reina Sofía; the Colección Helga de Alvear; Fundación María Cristina Masaveu; Fundación Sorigué; Fundación Ankaria; Fundación Bergé; Fundación RAC; Banco Sabadell, which will undertake the research for their acquisitions programmes at the Fair. They will be joined by other entities offering support through awards, such as those granted by illy caffè, NH Hoteles; Solán de Cabras; Land Rover; Beep; Comunidad de Madrid and Audemars Piguet, as well as various public museums and institutions. Moreover, through the ARCO Foundation IFEMA will incorporate new acquisitions to its Collections, continuing its micro-patronage work with actions such as the ARCO Foundation dinner, to be held in the Museo Thyssen, which has already raised over 60,000 euro for acquisitions at the Fair.

International Collectors and Professionals
With a budget of 4.5 million euro, ARCOmadrid designates almost 20 por ciento to its international promotion, buyers and guest influencers programme, who will attract over 250 collectors from 33 countries, and 150 institution directors, biennial curators and other international influencers from the art world, as well as international promotion initiatives and other direct actions with collectors from the main art markets.

As a novelty, on this occasion ARCOmadrid has incorporated around thirty young collectors to its guest list, with a different programme more geared towards their style and preferences. A key strategy to renew and drive the main Spanish art market platform, that will also boast the confirmed attendance of collectors, patrons and members of museums of the ilk of the Centre Pompidou, Tate, The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Palais de Tokyo, Mamco, Jeu de Paume, Arte Contemporáneo del MALI (CAAC), delegations from North American museums, and associations such as The Cultivist, L’Association des Amis d’Art et d’histoire Luxembourg or the Saha Association Istanbul.

Along the same lines, ARCOmadrid once again places the First Collector by Fundación Banco Santander at the disposal of those interested, an advisory service for the acquisition of art during the Fair. For its part, the virtual platform will also offer the opportunity to explore the Fair and the works present at the same this year on its Web and on the free Artsy App, from 17 February on.

35 Anniversary. Imagining Other Futures
On its 35th Anniversary, ARCOmadrid pays tribute to its own history with the exceptional programme Imagining Other Futures which, under the patronage of Julius Baer, will comprise a selection of international galleries that have participated over the years and represent different phases in their development.
On this occasion, each gallery contributes to the construction of this extensive journey through the presentation of two artists, in many cases from different generations, whose works dialogue in this particular context created specially to commemorate ARCOmadrid. Dialogues between artists that clearly convey the happenings of the last three and a half decades of the Fair, with others that depict how they imagine their own futures. The curatorial team, led by María and Lorena de Corral, with Catalina Lozano and Aaron Moulton, wished to show in the selection the diversity of art practices that currently constitute the extensive spectrum of international contemporary art.
Imagining Other Futures will be made up of galleries from 14 countries, including names such as Fortes Vilaça; OMR; Kurimanzutto; Lisson; Marian Goodman; Martin Janda; Jan Mot, Spruth Magers or Zeno X, and will provide the perfect occasion to pay homage to Juana de Aizpuru, as founder of ARCOmadrid in 1982, and others for their trust and contributions to the Fair such as Lelong, Christopher Grimes; Krinzinger, Mai 36 or Thomas Schulte.

Alongside this commemorative section, ARCOmadrid will also spin on its main axis once again, the General Programme, made up of 167 galleries that have been selected by the Organizing Committee, among which galleries that return to the Fair particularly stand out Thaddaeus Ropac; Art:Concept; Mendes Wood DM; Kow; Giorgio Persano; Marilia Razuk; Nathalie Obadia or classics such as 1900-2000, Alfonso Artiaco or Denise René. Furthermore, the Fair will enjoy new presences such as those from the Middle East/ MENASA region, like Isabelle Van Den Eynde or Selma Feriani, who complete the presence of art from this geographic area, set in motion at the last edition by the Sabrina Amrani gallery.

Moreover, ARCOmadrid will continue to promote the presentation of solo or dialogue projects by artists such as Diango Hernández and Antonio Paucar, from Barbara Thumm; Jimmie Durham and Haegue Yang, from Barbara Wien; Maria Taniguchi and Iman Issa, from Carlier / Gebauer; and Greta Bratescu and Iulia Toma, from Ivan Gallery, thus reinforcing its position as a creator-centred research Fair.

This year, the Solo Projects section will hinge on two elements: Art at the intersection of time and Subversion by way of humour. Artists such as Carlos Leppe, Camel Collective, Mercedes Azpilicueta or Erika Ordosgoitti will be part of this program directed for the second time by Irene Hofmann and Lucía Sanromán, and curated by Maria de Pontes and Ruth Estévez; bringing together proposals from 18 galleries with projects linked to the themes proposed.

Moreover, Opening, a programme made up of 18 galleries selected by Juan Canela and Chris Sharp, will once again present a space for the galleries that are less than 7 years old. Among others, the participants include Daniel Marzona and Michael Jon, who will be joined by new contributors such as Agustina Ferreyra; Sabot; Samy Abraham Joseph Tang or Proyectos Ultravioleta.

The celebration of the 35th Anniversary has made it possible to convene art curators and critics who have participated in the Fair over the years, sometimes as they were just starting out. As part of its history, ARCOmadrid enjoys the distinction of having been the first fair in the world to incorporate the voices of contemporary art professionals, consolidating itself as a meeting point, a forum for exchange and a focus of essential knowledge for critics, curators, institution directors and other professionals.

Among the encounters to take place within the framework of ARCOmadrid 2016, the organisation yet again this year of the Forum on Collecting, with the collaboration of Fundación Banco Santander, will enjoy the participation of outstanding professionals in sessions directed by Estrella de Diego and Miguel von Hafe, with interventions by Glenn Lowry; Patricia Phelps de Cisneros; Eduardo Hochschild; Armando Cabral and Jorge Gaspar, among others. A programme that will be completed with the session directed by Judith Benhamou-Huet, with the participation of Francesca von Habsburg and Ximena Caminos.

In addition, there will also be talks directed by Joan Weinstein, on the LA/LA Project on Latin American art to take place in 2017, to be presented in Europe for the first time, with interventions by José Luis Blondet, Dan Cameron, Ruth Estévez, Julieta González and Glenn Phillips-; by Chus Martínez – with Patricia Dauder, Estrella de Diego, Patricia Esquivias, Rosa Ferré, Dora García, Eva González-Sancho, Soledad Gutiérrez, Beatriz Herráez, Rosa Lleó, Itziar Okariz, María Inés Rodríguez, Helena Tatay, Leire Vergara.-, and by Belén Palanco, with the collaboration of the editor and influencer, Robin Cembalest.

Meanwhile, the Artists’ Talks will explore the relationship between the creation and presentation processes of the works in the Fair. Directed by Catalina Lozano and Margarita de Aizpuru, they will provide a space for reflection on the works present at ARCOmadrid through various transversal dialogues with artists such as Daniel Canogar, Luis Gordillo, Concha Jerez, Marina Núñez, Raphaël Zarka and Xabier Salaberria.

The Professional Meetings, that have become a trademark of ARCOmadrid, will establish a greater link with the contents of the Fair on this edition, with a view to fostering synergies between critics, galleries and artists. To do so, the section curators themselves (Maria de Pontes; Irene Hofmann; Ruth Estévez; Lucía Sanromán; Juan Canela; Catalina Lozano and Chris Sharp jointly with Joseph del Pesco) were the ones to come up with their contents proposals, as well as the guest selection.

On this edition, the Fair will once again host the Museums Working Sessions, co-organised by AC/E, that will bring around 30 museum directors and representatives to Madrid. Along the same lines, for the fifth year running the Meeting of European and Ibero-American Museums will also be held, directed by João Fernandes and Adriano Pedrosa.

A series of activities that will conclude with the 35th Anniversary Encounter, on Saturday 27 February, with the participation of a broad representation of the 160 curators who have contributed to ARCOmadrid at some point since its foundation. The confirmed attendants list includes names such as Magali Arriola; Nicolas Bourriaud; Patrick Charpenel; Jacopo Crivelli; Peter Doroshenko; Sergio Edelsztein; Eva González-Sancho; Inti Guerrero; Kasper König; Pablo León de la Barra; Gabriel Pérez-Barreiro; José I. Roca; María Inés Rodríguez; Jerome Sans; Luiza Teixeira de Freitas; Marc-Olivier Wahler.

Año 35. Madrid
On its 35th Anniversary, ARCOmadrid wishes to spread into the city and pay its own tribute to Madrid, raising the visibility of the city’s public institutions. The Fair, which since its foundation in 1982 has become an unmissable date on the Spanish cultural calendar, is proud to have forged close bonds with Madrid’s institutions, which have unconditionally supported it, helping bring professionals and the general public closer to contemporary art.

Thus, Año 35. Madrid is born, a project curated by Javier Hontoria with the collaboration of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport. It will present interventions by artists in very different spaces, art institutions or institutions without any link to contemporary art, that will underline and enhance the identity of each place, while exploring the way in which we perceive them from our present day perspective. Spaces such as the Museo Arqueológico Nacional, Museo Nacional de Antropología, Museo Naval, Museo Casa de la Moneda, Museo Cerralbo, Estudios. Tabacalera, Museo del Romanticismo, Casa Árabe and the Embajada of Colombia offer insight into how all practices can be seen from synergic and non-exclusive perspectives.

With contemporary art as the common thread that connects all the institutions, the exhibitions of artists such as Adriano Amaral; Fina Miralles; Rogelio López Cuenca; Jane & Louise Wilson, Zachary Formwalt; Oriol Vilanova; Fernando García; Mikel Eskauriaza; Johanna Calle; Khalil Rabah, will become tools to interact with the city and get to know places generally removed from everyday movements.

The Fair will dedicate three days –26, 27 and 28 February – to contemporary art lovers and the general public, to which it will offer certain services and facilities to ensure they get the most out of their visits. Moreover, with a view to facilitating access to a greater number of visitors, on Sunday 28 February the entrance ticket will cost 30 euro.

Over the weekend, visitors will be surprised outside Hall 6 of Feria de Madrid by the Truck Art Project, novel interventions by contemporary artists such as Abraham Lacalle, Javier Calleja, Javier Arce and Paloma Vargas, among others, on the sides of the Palibex trucks. A freely accessible space in which the public will enjoy the bites from food trucks as well as DJ sessions.

The Fair will once again dedicate a space to the youngest members in the ARCOkids workshops, which designed by the Fundación Pequeño Deseo and promoted by DKV Seguros, bring children closer to the contemporary art world.

On the other hand, both the professionals and the public will again enjoy Espacio Comer, designed by Andrés Jaque, taking advantage of a gastronomic selection provided by illycaffè, Sushita, Solán de Cabras con Lateral, Alhambra con La Contraseña, Vilaplana and MEATing.
On this edition, the VIP Lounge will constitute a space designed by Izaskun Chinchilla Architects, winner of the IV VIP Lounge Ideas Competition, convened by AD España and ARCOmadrid, with the sponsorship of El Corte Inglés. Its interior will house the work The Labyrinth of Passions by the African artist Joël Andrianomearisoa, winner of the IV Audemars Piguet Award for the production of a work of art.

Support of the private initiative
Yet again this year, ARCOmadrid will rely on the support of private initiative and major corporations and institutions in the sponsorship of different areas or initiatives present at the Fair. Thus, this edition will include firms such as AECID; AC/E Acción Cultural, Fundación Banco Santander; Turespaña as well as leader companies like Audemars Piguet; Solán de Cabras; Land Rover; Alhambra; Hoteles NH Collection; El Corte Inglés; G´Vine; illycaffè; Sushita; Ruinart, among others, and Julius Baer, Fundación Banco Sabadell or La Caixa, which will collaborate in different activities.

The main museums, art centres and galleries will once again present their best exhibitions during the celebration of ARCOmadrid. From Ignasi Aballí, Hito Steyerl, Alexandre Estrela and Danh Vo, in the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía; Fernando Sánchez Castillo and Patricia Esquivias, in CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo; Joan Miró, in CaixaForum; Elena Alonso, in Museo ABC de Dibujo e Ilustración, and
Lizzie Fitch and Ryan Trecartin, in La Casa Encendida. Furthermore, the Fundación Juan March will host the exhibition Lo nunca visto: de la pintura informalista al fotolibro de la posguerra (1945-1965); the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Realistas de Madrid, and the Palacio Real, Arte Contemporáneo en Palacio. Pintura y Escultura en las Colecciones Reales.

Yet again this year, AfterARCO will propose art initiatives after the close of the Fair, such as the programme of interventions Los Otros [Artistas], organised by Ámbito Cultural de El Corte Inglés; María Zahle in CentroCentro; Residencias El Ranchito and Art Situacions II, in Matadero Madrid; Alberto García-Alix, in Tabacalera; the Colección Inelcom or DJ sessions in Chicote. Furthermore, on Tuesday 23, the galleries located on Calle Doctor Fourquet and in the Barrio de las Letras will extend their opening times especially to 10pm, while on Friday 26, there will be the traditional brunch for the ARCOmadrid galleries.