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An initiative by Fundación ARCO for the creation of new collectors


ARCOmadrid 2018 - 21/25 February

01 Dec 2017

The project #mecomprounaobra, a new initiative by Fundación ARCO, will seek to make works of art accessible to anybody interested in prices under 2,018 euros, with the added attractiveness that they will be directly selected, at each of the participating galleries, by persons with broad public visibility. Thus, an influencer from the world of culture, film, music, fashion, gastronomy, etc., will choose a series of works that will be available to those interested in a private section of Madrid galleries on 14, 15 and 16 December.

This joint effort with the participating galleries seeks to bring contemporary art closer to a new public, motivated by the convening power that public figures have in today’s day and age through their communication channels; many of these figures have been selected by the galleries themselves, and all of them with prestige within their professional fields. García Galería’s works will be selected by the designer Ana Locking, while the Fernando Braso gallery boasts the participation of Nieves Álvarez, the model. The Pilar Sierra gallery will count on the participation of the actress Antonia Sanjuan, while the F2 gallery will feature chef Samantha Vallejo-Nágera. Max Estrella will entrust the selection of works to the journalist Marta Riopérez; Travesía Cuatro to the illustrator Monstruo Espagueti; Espacio Mínimo to Charo Izquierdo, Director of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid; and Nogueras Blanchard to Jean Porsche, architect. Other galleries that have confirmed their participation in this project are: Sabrina Amrani together with Ianko López; Álvaro Alcázar, who have María de León; Formatocomodo with Kike Sarasola; José de la Mano with Joan Matabosch; Rafael Pérez Hernando Arte Contemporáneo with María Blasco; Galería Alegría with Diego Postigo; Moisés Pérez de Albéniz with Fernando González Molina; Ponce Robles with Tomás Alía; The Goma with Inés Ybarra; Maisterravalbuena with Andrés Rodríguez; Heinrich Ehrhardt with Paco Pintón; and Galería Bacelos with Elena Furiase.

Additionally, anybody that acquires a work of art within the framework of this project will receive an invitation to ARCOmadrid 2018, which will be held from 21 to 25 February at IFEMA.

Promoting the activity of collecting is one of the main areas of work undertaken by ARCOmadrid, which develops, especially through Fundación ARCO, activities and initiatives that seek to support and give a voice to collectors from all over the world. This idea gave birth to #mecomprounaobra, a project created with the objective of encouraging young people with the means to acquire art and bring them closer to this passionate and interesting world.

In addition to recognising the fundamental work of private patrons in relation to the creation, dissemination and conservation of contemporary art, it is also important to undertake actions that ensure the future of the national collector scene. This means approaching those sectors of society that until now have not considered the possibility of acquiring art, normally due to their lack of awareness of the numerous opportunities offered by galleries and the richness of the experience shared with gallery owners and artists. This breaks with the idea that to collect it is necessary to possess a large fortune, or that the contemporary art market is inaccessible. Acquiring art may form part of the autobiography of every individual; an important milestone in one's life bound to the work of an artist with which we will subsequently coexist.

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