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ARCOlisboa investigates the contemporary art of the African continent

ARCOlisboa 2019 | África em Foco

Curator of ‘Africa in Focus’: Paula Nascimento
Architect and independent curator

08 May 2019

In its fourth edition, ARCOlisboa is going one step further in its determination to create a unique event model. For the first time it will be focusing its attention on a specific geographic location: Africa. The new section, ‘Africa em Foco’ will be one of the fair’s most surprising developments. The initiative has the support of Paula Nascimento, an architect and independent curator from Luanda and one of the most active professionals who, through her career and work, has established a special bond between both continents.

Starting from the unique international position of Portugal, Africa em Foco will include 6 galleries from Angola, Uganda, Mozambique and South Africa, with individual stands interspersed throughout the fair. A selection chosen by the curator Paula Nascimento, adapted to the size of ARCOlisboa.

The General Programme will thus incorporate 5 African galleries for the first time: AFRIART, Kampala; ARTE DE GEMA, Maputo; MOMO Cape Town; MOVART, Luanda, and THIS IS NOT A WHITE CUBE, Luanda, with JAHMEK, Luanda, joining the Opening section.

This special participation will allow the examination of pieces by artists such as Ocom Adonias, John Baptist Ssekubulwa, Sanaa Gateja, Stacey Gillian Abe, AFRIART; Filipe Branquinho, Djive, Rodrigo Mabunda, ARTE DE GEMA; Tiago Borges, JAHMEK; Stephane E. Conradie, Pedro Pires, MOMO; Keyezua, Mario Macilau, Rene Tavares, MOVART; Patrick Bongoy, Januario Jano, Gonçalo Mabunda and Cristiano Mangovo, THIS IS NOT A WHITE CUBE.

Furthermore, other galleries in the Fair will also feature work by creators related to the continent, such as Tatiana Macedo, CARLOS CARVALHO; Yonamine, CRISTINA GUERRA; Kiluanji Kia Henda, FILOMENA SOARES; Delio Jasse & Carlos Noronha Feio, NARRATIVE PROJECTS; Joel Andrianomearisoa, Alexandra Karakashian, Monica de Miranda, SABRINA AMRANI, and Heba Y. Amin, ZILBERMAN, bringing this market's contemporary artistic production closer to collectors, professionals and the general public.

In addition, a series of conferences will be held around Africa em Foco, coordinated by Paula Nascimento and centring on Africa's contemporary art institutions, with the participation of figures such as Raphael Chikukwa, chief curator of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, Harare; Jeanne Mercier, critic, curator and editor-in-chief of the Afrique in visu platform, Paris/Lisbon; Azu Nwagbogu, Chief Curator of Zeitz MOCAA, and founder of the African Artists' Foundation, Lagos, and Marie Helene Pereira, programme director at the RAW Material Company, Dakar.

Lisbon will also disseminate African creation in different spaces. NOT - A - MUSEUM will host the Diversidade Comum exhibition, a collective with pieces by artists such as Victor Teixeira aka VITEIX, Paulo Kapela, Malangatana, Jorge Gumbe, VAN, Francisco Vidal, Nu Barreto, René Tavares, Yonamine, Ihosvanny, Nelo Teixeira, Abraão Vicente, Binelde Hyrcan, Délio Jasse, Kiluanji Kia Henda and Mudaulane.

Meanwhile, This Is Not A White Cube will be opening an exhibition in the city, Spaces in Between, featuring pieces by 13 African artists: Gonçalo Mabunda, Januario Januario, Patrick Bongoy, Monica de Miranda, Filipe Branquinho, Cristiano Mangovo, Pedro Pires, Nelo Teixeira, Alice Rodrigues, Hako Hankson, Romulo Santa Rita, Marion Boehm and Justin Dingwal. The exhibition will also include the performance of artist Januario Jano.



GALLERY                                      CITY                                    COUNTRY

AFRIART*                                       Kampala                                UGANDA

ARTE DE GEMA*                           Maputo                                  MOZAMBIQUE

JAHMEK**                                       Luanda                                  ANGOLA

MOMO*                                           Cape Town                           SOUTH AFRICA

MOVART*                                       Luanda                                  ANGOLA

THIS IS NOT A WHITE CUBE*      Luanda                                  ANGOLA

* Galleries also participating in the General Programme

** Galleries also participating in Opening