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International Book Fair

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International Book Fair

Liber 2021, the International Book Fair that traditionally alternates its celebration with Barcelona, returns to Madrid to continue to be the great showcase for the Spanish book sector. And it does so after the celebration in 2020 of LIBERDIGITAL, held in 100% digital format, which was attended by 187 exhibiting companies from 8 countries, and 2,102 professionals from 50 different territories, including Argentina, Mexico, Colombia and the United States.

Now, its 41st edition, organised by IFEMA MADRID and promoted by the Federation de Gremios de Editores de España (FGEE), will be held in Madrid in person, incorporating the advantages of the digital format, with Guadalajara, Mexico as Guest City at Liber 2021. This event will be the largest international meeting for books in Spanish, with the capacity to offer business opportunities to the main publishing companies and to boost the book market.

Poland will be the Guest of Honour

The Book Institute and the Polish Institute of Culture will collaborate in a special joint initiative to disseminate and promote Polish publishing in Spain, as well as getting to know the country's leading authors and publishers.

This tribute to Poland is part of the joint efforts of the Fair and the Federation of Publishers' Guilds of Spain (FGEE) to strengthen the internationalisation of the book sector and establish closer cultural and commercial relations with markets of great potential for Spain.

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LIBER 2023 invites 624 Buyers and Specifiers from 63 countries to boost publishing business meetings

IFEMA MADRID and the Federation of Spanish Publishers' Guilds (FGEE), in collaboration with various institutions, have selected these key professionals from the book market to participate in business meetings with exhibitors at the next edition of the International Book Fair. LIBER will be held from 4 to 6 October at the Madrid Exhibition Centre.

Once again, exhibitors at the International Book Fair, LIBER 2023, will have the opportunity to develop business contacts to enhance the presence of their books in foreign markets. All this thanks to the launch of the Buyers' Programme which, as in every edition, is promoted by the Spanish Publishers' Federation (FGEE) at the suggestion of the more than 800 publishers who are members of the various member guilds and associations and the Spanish Economic and Commercial Offices abroad, with the aim of boosting sales in the foreign market of the companies exhibiting at the fair, most of which are publishers from all over Spain.


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