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Organising Committee


Mr. Patrici Tixis
Vice-President and Acting President of the Spanish Federation of Publishers' Guilds


Ms. Cristina Abelenda
Head of the Publishing Sector of ICEX Spain Export and Investments

Mr. José María Arizcun
Publishers' Association of Madrid

Mr. Antonio María Ávila
Executive Director of the Federation of Publishers' Guilds of Spain

Mr. Xosé Ballesteros
Galician Publishers' Association

Mr. Leopoldo Blume
Catalan Publishers' Guild

Ms. Begoña Cerro
Deputy Director General for the Promotion of Books, Reading and Spanish Literature of the Ministry of Culture and Sport

Mr. Paulo Cosín
Publishers' Association of Madrid

Mr. Jorge Corrales
Director General of the Spanish Centre for Reprographic Rights CEDRO

Mr. José Manuel Díaz
President of the Publishers' Guild of the Basque Country

Ms. Margot Gómez-Arnau
Head of the Cultural Industries Department of ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones (ICEX Spain Export and Investments)

Ms. Mónica González
Publishers' Association of Madrid

Mr. Manuel González
President of the Madrid Publishers Association

Ms. Isabel Izquierdo
Director of Programming of Acción Cultural Española AC/E

Mr. Ricardo de Luis
President of the Castilla y León Publishers' Guild

Ms. Isabel Moyano
Deputy Director General of Books of the Community of Madrid

Mr. José Moyano
President of the Asociación Nacional de Editores de Libros y Material de Enseñanza (ANELE) (National Association of Publishers of Books and Teaching Materials)

Mr. Ilya Pérdigo
Association of Catalan Language Publishers (AELLEC)

Mr. Aleix Planas
Director of LIBER at Fira de Barcelona

Ms. África Ramírez
President of the Associació d'Editors del País Valencià (Valencian Publishers' Association)

Mr. Emilio del Río
Director General of Libraries, Archives and Museums of the Department of Culture, Tourism and Sport of the Madrid City Council

Ms. Ainhoa Sánchez
Literature Department of the Programming Department of Acción Cultural Española AC/E

Mr. Miguel Ángel Sánchez
President of the Publishers' Association of Andalusia

Mr. Román de Vicente
Publishers' Guild of Catalonia

Mr. Luis Zendrera
Publishers' Guild of Catalonia