Liber Zones

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Liber Zones

The Fair will once again host the Author’s Zone, which allows independent authors to broaden their knowledge of the possibilities that self-publishing offers them, as well as the services and tools available to them. In one single space, different publishing platforms, tools, processes etc. will be concentrated, providing information on marketing techniques, promotion in social media advertising and other ways to improve sales of self-published books. LIBER thus adapts and provides answers to the needs arising from the fast-growing area of self-publishing, giving space to companies offering services to independent authors. 

Digital Zone

The LIBER International Book Fair will once again be providing its LIBER DIGITAL ZONE space for companies specialising in the digital environment – a platform of encounter between the content, the ideas and the technology which seek to answer to the current needs of the publishers faced with the challenge posed by new digital products and services. This space will also feature a presentation area for exhibitors and specialists to show their digital publishing IT solutions and tools.

All companies dedicated to offering digital publishing-related products and services (digitisation, reading devices, training, marketing, distribution, marketing, social networks for reading, book recommendation, reading and cataloguing applications etc.) will find the LIBER DIGITAL ZONE to be a major centre for business and professional exchange.


LIBER is once again launching MicroLiber to facilitate and expedite fair participation for small publishers, entrepreneurs and start-ups, enabling them to make contact with buyers and visitors in a more flexible, economical way.