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21 December 2022

FITURTECHY will show what the hotels of the next decade will look like

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FITURTECHY will present at FITUR #techYhotel, the showroom of the "hotel of the future" where you can experiment with the use and implementation of the most innovative technologies. #techYhotel is inspired by the famous "Nautilus" submarine from Jules Verne's novels.

Pet check-in and pet experiences, à la carte virtual leisure, augmented reality, co-living and co-working technologies, gaming, deco-experience and sustainable construction, state of the art infrastructures, artificial intelligence, robots, protoverse or gastronomy of the future, will be some of the innovative and technological trends of the ITH FiGital experience that can be seen and felt at #techYhotel, the hotel of the future at FITURTECHY.

Organised by FITUR and the Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero (ITH), FITURTECHY will be located in hall 10 of IFEMA MADRID, the section specialising in technology, sustainability and innovation for the tourism industry, on 18, 19 and 20 January. This new edition is inspired by Jules Verne's visionary literature, focusing on ahead-of-its-time ingenuities such as the submarine, which will shape the "room of the future": the Nautilus.

More than 50 companies, most of them Spanish and leaders in the industry, have joined forces to create a unique immersive space. A journey between the physical and digital world for all types of travellers.

In the showroom presented at FITURTECHY, "techYhotel", pets are welcome and thanks to Vodafone' s SmartTags technology they can register and offer them an "all inclusive", à la carte menu.

The #techYhotel space has been designed by the architect and interior designer Miguel Soler, a specialist in hotels and the creation of unique themed spaces, and recreated by GEODOMOS, experts in the construction of domes, geodesics and smart sustainable construction. Together with the Instituto Tecnológico Hotelero (ITH) they have managed to recreate Captain Nemo's submarine, a showroom that will house smart spaces and cutting-edge technological tools, themed by the interior designers Teresa Sapey&Partners with Ikea furniture. In addition, Grupo Cajamar, sponsor of the Welcome & VIP Area of FITURTECHY, invites us to enter the Nautilus.

In this space we are not only welcomed by robots capable of identifying emotions, which will be exhibited by Bumerania, but which will also allow the traveller to interact through dynamic marketing and audiovisual projection by Imaginads, and to be enveloped by elegant personalised aromas thanks to the olfactory marketing solutions of Cuarto Sentido.

Multifunctional and adaptive spaces that allow us to carry out check-in and check-out processes in different ways, both digital and physical, through systems such as Chapp Solutions or to obtain a digital key thanks to the Hudini solution integrated in the BTV lock.

The concierge desk is transformed into a decorative space, where BTV's Kuik Smart lockers guard luggage and help find lost items thanks to FoundSpot's innovative solution.

This space also includes different augmented reality proposals to get to know the destination or interact in a simple way proposed by Inmersiva XR. Passporter helps connect the community of travellers in the destination and offers unique tourist information and experiences.

When we enter the magnificent self-supporting structure of the 'Nautilus' made with eco-sustainable materials, designed by architect Miguel Soler (MSC) together with ITH and created by GEODOMOS, we are transported to the rooms of Captain Nemo, where we find classic and futuristic proposals at the same time, with visible and invisible technology, such as: efficient plastic pipes by Italsan, WILO pumping systems, eco climate and air purifiers by DAIKIN, as well as the latest lighting systems by SIGNIFY, or air quality measurement systems by Ulbios, or home automation by Robotbas, among others.

The rest area has been conceived as a place to disconnect thanks to the innovative furniture made by Absotec with recycled materials, which acoustically insulates the space and integrates elements such as the BTV safe to store devices or wave-proof Tokkens, and ultra-quiet, high-efficiency transparent minibars, also by BTV, where we will find healthy and sustainable Insectum snacks, made from insects and edible flowers, the future of gastronomy.

Pikolin's state-of-the-art, sensorised sleep equipment with automatic elevation helps prevent injuries to hotel staff. Dressed with sophistication with innovative ecological textiles by Carmela Martí by Resuinsa, which has managed to create a cyclical circuit of recycled and recyclable elements, minimising waste production, creating an environment that invites to relax and integrates the bathing and wellness area that Roca will showcase.

Leisure and Business

The stay includes a multitude of entertainment for different types of travellers, from the famous 'Captain Nemo' library created by Pressreader with more than 7000 digital publications from over 120 countries and in more than 60 languages, to personalised IPTV audiovisual content via an interactive LED mirror by Cerium Technologies; real DgameX car simulators, OMEN by HP equipment prepared for the new demands of intergenerational travellers and equipped with the latest videoconferencing technology.

Traditional amenities incorporate technological elements such as HP virtual reality glasses and 3D printers where Rooms360 proposes the simple renovation of rooms through the latest vertical and 3D printing techniques, using recycled materials such as mussel shells to create totally personalised and unique signage and decorative objects.

To combine leisure and business, Absotec presents its Plug&Play solutions for meetings: acoustic booths equipped with the latest connectivity and videoconferencing technology from HP and smart glasses capable of programming and changing the transparency of ViniloSmart.

The Fluidra-AstralPool outdoor spa enveloped by a fully customisable GEODOMOS geodesic dome recreates an extraordinary wellness space that can be easily installed anywhere.

MEGALUX 's modular and customisable large format LED screens move to other corners of the hotel as a form of communication and marketing.

In addition, there will be smart LUZIA DESIGN outdoor furniture, a solar table designed with innovative materials and sustainable technologies that take advantage of sunlight to purify the air and self-supply with clean energy the multimedia charging, audio and light services that the table offers, by ARTES MOBLE.


The Basque Culinary Center helps to understand the technologies applicable to restaurants and their digitalisation process, such as the artificial intelligence of the scanner of the startup Proppos, capable of detecting any food, which allows for the autonomous availability of mini-markets integrated in any room, as well as helping to avoid food waste in buffets, among other applications.

The catering industry is evolving to respond to new trends, such as 'raw' tourism. Thanks to indoor growing solutions such as SIGNIFY's, we can have fresh and healthy food, from the plantation to the table. DaxRobotics bartender robotics in conjunction with the Pikotea solution integrates digital menu, ordering, service and payment, which together with Shiji Group' s POS systems represent an ideal solution for any establishment.

Sustainable Mobility

Vodafone will show immersive 360 experiences where you can enjoy a walk on a remote island or a concert, through virtual and augmented reality from any corner. If, on the other hand, we prefer to get physically closer to any place, FreeNow offers sustainable mobility services. And for the traveller arriving in their own vehicle, ChargeAmps will provide the latest technology in electric vehicle chargers.

Invisible technology

Through the 'Scorecard' space, some of the front and back office technologies and tools needed to manage a hotel that are not normally seen, such as Property Management System (PMS), Relationship Management System (RMS), DataAnalytics, internal communication, HR and marketing, from leading technologies such as Mews, Cloudbeds, Noray, Duetto, OTAInsight, Nivimu, EISISOFT, Hotelkit, HotelSpeaker, STR, RateGain, ReviewPro and STR, are represented on HP screens. In addition to: Biontrend, Check-in Jobs and ITH Academy.

But for all this to be possible, Nethis reminds us that we must not forget the necessary infrastructures and networks, through the representation of Gpon and fibre solutions. Furthermore, in a hotel where the physical interacts with the virtual as protoverses that are part of a larger metaverse, where everything is interconnected, cybersecurity is key, which is why we are working hand in hand with experts in the industry such as GMV and Cerium Tecnologías.

The technical solutions are represented through the 'Engine Room' space of the Nautilus, an exhibition to bring visitors closer to this type of solutions that are part of the ITHSaveHotel project and help establishments to be more efficient and sustainable thanks to Bosch-Buderus, TTR Mechanical, Lumelco, Cenergist, Remica, Repsol, Bioscore, Igex Energías, Siemens, Wilo and Italsan.

Accessible Hotel

At a time when Inclusion and Accessibility are so present in the social purpose, ILUNION Accesibilidad shows technologies that facilitate autonomy, safety and comfort to people not only with disabilities. Accessible tourism is much more than complying with legislation. It is putting people and their needs at the centre. Economic and social profitability are absolutely compatible, they go hand in hand. Throughout the tour, visitors will be able to interact with the spaces to learn and expand all the information about each of the technologies through NFC WiPass solutions and Mas Infinito's personalised signage. Hotelverse, through an interactive tactile totem by Megalux, will make us navigate through the different spaces in situ.

TechYhotel 2023 will be a recreation of the technology that Jules Verne imagined and has become a reality as the electric submarine, the 'Nautilus': Internet (" international communications network that would connect different regions and systems to share information where messages and photographs could be sent..."), digital newspapers (" would be recited instead of read, and people would also have the possibility to dialogue with reporters..."), video calls ("...a communication with image transfer through mirrors connected by wires..."), or sustainable and infinite energy ("...mercury is never spent. Only sodium is consumed, and the sea provides me with plenty of it...").

A hotel of the future that will be what the client demands at all times and will have the innovative and technological solutions that the client wants it to have. To quote National Geographic: "The hotel of the future will not be built on concrete and bricks, but on the experience it brings to the traveller" and for this, technology, continuous innovation, constant reinvention and humanisation will be the keys to the future of hotels.

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