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FITURNEXT Observatory is FITUR’s platform dedicated to promoting good practices in tourism. It works throughout the year to identify and analyse the initiatives launched at the global level by companies, organisations and destinations, which are able to generate a positive impact on both the experience of visitors and residents, as well as on the development of destinations and the balance of the planet.  The objective is to share with the tourism community a selection of proven and easily replicable initiatives to improve the quality of tourism activity in terms of sustainability

Tourism can foster change

We have identified hundreds of good practices around the world which address these social and environmental challenges that are crucial for the tourism sector. Each year, we tackle one of these challenges.

For Fitur 2021, we analyse how tourism can contribute to gender equality and women empowerment.

FiturNext 2021 Challenge

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Download our report "How can tourism contribute to gender equality and women empowerment?"

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The FITURNEXT Observatory at the FITUR 2020 Fair

Discover the FITURNEXT 2020 Programme

Discover the FITURNEXT 2020 Programme

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FiturNext Articles

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