Tourism can be a powerful driver of change

We have identified hundreds of best practices around the world that tackle social and environmental challenges that are key for the tourism industry. Every year we focus on one of these challenges.

Towards Fitur 2020, we will analyze how tourism can contribute to local economic development.

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What are the three key areas of the challenge?


Decentralization of tourism

Opportunities for local entrepreneurship initiatives

Inclusive employment and social equality

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How to contribute to local economic development from tourism

We often talk about how tourism drives the economy globally. According to the WTTC, the industry accounts for 12% of the world’s GDP and generates 1 in 10 jobs, and is expected to continue growing at a rate of 6% in the next ten years. These figures reflect the increase in trips: last year alone, the number of international trips exceeded 1,400 million according to the UNWTO.

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