Customs Clearence Information

Cibeles Roundabout, Madrid


We inform you that all products coming out of the European Community must pass the Customs Procedure in Spain. We would like to make a special mention to all the shipments coming from the UK, as starting the 1st of January of 2020, all these shipments must follow the Customs Procedure due to Brexit.

If the goods are not regularised through the correspo.nding customs formalities and a copy of the supporting documents supporting the regularisation is not available, the entry of exhibition goods to the fair will not be authorised and the goods will be withdrawn at the request of the competent customs authority.  This documentation must be held by the company´s representative at the booth, together with the goods you exhibit, as it might be required at any time by the Spanish Administration or the Customs Guard.

The material or merchandise for distribution or consumption must pay Spanish taxes, even they have noncommercial value (depending on the country of origin the amount will be different).

It is strictly forbidden to exhibit, sell, consume or distribute non-EU goods at a fair before the goods have been regularised. This includes promotional material.

For any doubt contact with Customs Operator,DB Schenker, email:, phone at +34 913305177.