Why exhibit?

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Why exhibit

  • To start, continue or conclude sales agreements with the whole distribution channel present at FITUR.
  • Present new developments and strategies and get to know clients’ opinions.
  • Identify and recruit new partners and distributors from around the world.
  • Face-to-face contact with current clients and suppliers.
  • Test new products and services, marketing campaigns.
  • Create or reinforce brand positioning.
  • Get worldwide media coverage for new products and services.

FITUR Health

Health tourism is in an upward trend with an average annual growth of 20%.  In this area you can make contacts and do business with medical prescribers, national health agencies, facilitators, specialised international travel agencies and insurers.

FITUR Festivals

In 2017, the live music industry in Spain had a turnover of €269.2 million, 20.6% more than the previous year, reaching an unprecedented record. Spain has consolidated its position as an indispensable destination for major international music tours.
Source: Yearbook of Live Music 2018 APM – Asociación de Promotores Musicales.

FITURScreen Tourism

80 million travellers choose their destination based on films and television series. This study showed that the number of people visiting a destination after seeing it in a film or television series has doubled over the last five years.


The Gay (LGBT+) segment accounts for more than 10% of tourists worldwide and accounts for approximately 16% of total travel spending. That’s more than $195 billion a year in spending according to the World Travel & Tourism Council.


A large area dedicated to transversal know-how covering cutting-edge topics such as Big Data, artificial intelligence, digitalisation, and more.
This space brings together several forums:

  1. Technology and the Future.
  2. Technology and Business.
  3. Technology and Destination.
  4. Technology and Sustainability.

FITUR Know-How & Export

New talents and new tools. The ideal space for tourism entrepreneurs dealing with topics such as how to access new markets abroad, smart tourist destinations and start-ups. There will also be the presentation of the guide to tourism Apps.

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