FITUR Awards

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FITUR Best Stand Awards

These awards are given in the following categories:

  • Institutions and Autonomous Communities.
  • Countries and Regions.
  • Companies.

They are selected from among all FITUR exhibitors according to the following criteria:

  • Professionalism: Adequacy of the stand to the marketing needs of each product.
  • Communication / Promotion: Identification of the stand with the image and the product.
  • Design: Assessment of the degree of originality and innovation.

FITUR 2021 Stand Awards:

    • LA RIOJA
    • AEHM
    • IBERIA
    • Mention: TEATRO REAL

Sustainable Stand Award

For the second time FITUR awards the "Sustainable Stand" Prize, organised in collaboration with the Institute of Responsible Tourism (ITR), with the aim of recognizing and highlighting the efforts of exhibiting companies to make their presence at FITUR respectful of the environment and climate change, contributing to the promotion of social and cultural aspects, as well as of reference to issues of governance and economy.

The objective is to create a stand with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Competition Rules 



Best Active Tourism Product

FITUR and Aire Libre magazine have organised the 26th FITUR Active Tourism Competition to promote the development and marketing of the tourism industry and to project the highest quality tourism products. 

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Under the renewed collaboration agreement with the Spanish Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism (AECIT), FITUR has organised the 22nd edition of the FITUR-Jorge Vila Fradera Tribune Award. We have encouraged the whole academic community to participate in this annual award, which aims to select an unpublished piece of research in the field of tourism.

FITUR 2021 winner

"Are ecotourists a homogeneous market? Latent class segmentation of the latin american market".

  • Authors: Mª del Carmen Alarcón del Amo
  • Carlota Lorenzo Romero
  • Jose Alberto Crespo Jareño


#01 FITUR Activo and AireLibre magazine announce the 26th FITUR Active Tourism Competition in the national and international sections.

#02 The 26th FITUR Active Tourism Competition aims to promote the development and marketing of the tourism industry and to project the highest quality tourism products within the framework of active tourism.

#03 All products based on adventure tourism, culture, nature, food and wine, sports and the environment, presented by national and international exhibitors or co-exhibitors at FITUR 2021, may take part in the competition.

#04 Each company may compete with the products it wishes and up to a maximum of three. Products which have won prizes in previous editions may not be presented. The following form must be completed before 28 December 2020 (one per product presented):
The audiovisual material and any additional information that defines and describes the product should be sent by wetransfer to

#05 The Admission Committee reserves the right to admit products submitted to the FITUR Active Tourism Competition. If a product is not accepted, the organisation will notify the company presenting it.

#06 The following aspects will be assessed:

  • Original idea.
  • Presentation and image of the product.
  • Contribution to environmental recovery and sustainable development.
  • Quality of the infrastructure.
  • Marketing and distribution channels.

#07 The technical jury will establish the prizes to be awarded in each edition of the FITUR Active Tourism Competition based on the participating products and their quality, evaluating the concepts of adventure, culture, nature, food and wine, environment, technological development, accessibility, etc.

#08 The composition of the jury will be as follows:

  • 30% final consumer: AireLibre readers will cast their vote on-line through the FITUR website or the AireLibre website from 3 January until 20 January 2021, inclusive.
  • 30% tourism professionals: Exhibitors at FITUR 2021, except for contestants, will cast their votes from 3 January until 20 January 2021.
  • 10% media professionals: They will cast their votes from 3 January until 20 January 2021, inclusive.
  • 30% technical jury made up of representatives from the tourism industry.

#09 The decision of the FITUR Active Tourism Competition will be made on 27 January 2021, and the winners will be notified the following day, 28 January 2021.

#10 The decision of the FITUR Active Tourism Competition will be irrevocable.

#11 The winners of the FITUR Active Tourism Competition will receive a diploma at FITUR, in addition to the stamp identifying them as winners of the FITUR 2021 Active Tourism Competition, which they may include in any physical or digital media they deem appropriate. Subsequently, the winners will be invited to the official ceremony held at FITUR, with the assistance of the Secretary of State for Tourism, to present all the prizes awarded during FITUR.

#12 The FITUR Active Tourism Competition is equipped with the following actions:
AireLibre will include the publication of the participants and winners on its website ( and through the following actions in the magazine:
November: Announcement of the contest in the online magazine, through the presentation of the distinctive seal.
December: Reminder page of the competition.
From 3rd January to 22nd January: Sending to 256,000 AireLibre users the list of the competing products with the request for votes from AireLibre readers, tourism professionals and specialised press via email.
February: Inclusion of the list of competing products in the AireLibre FITUR Guide, which is sent to over 256,000 AireLibre users in digital format, as well as the dissemination of the distinctive seal and list of the winners of the competition.
Since March: Publication, month by month, of each of the winning products in the online magazine.
Sending of a newsletter in with the winning product information, as well as links to websites, videos...  This newsletter will be sent to more than 256,000 similar addresses, owned by AireLibre.
FITUR will support the dissemination of the Fitur Active Tourism Competition by:

  • Sending the newsletter with the winning products to all professionals participating in FITUR.
  • Promoting this information in the media, through its press office.

#13 AireLibre and FITUR reserve the rights to the 26th FITUR Active Tourism Competition.

#14 All participants accept these rules. The organisation's criteria will always prevail in case of doubt.


Elixe Galicia (Choose Galicia)

This is a travel programme subsidised by the Galicia regional government to promote tourism from within Galicia, to boost economic development, stimulate tourism outside the high season and encourage Galicians to learn more about their region. It consists of travel packages with different themes marketed by travel agencies and aimed at a strategic market: young people under 30, families, and pensioners over 55. It includes four themes: Coasts, Historical and Cultural Heritage, Nature, and Spas.

On the trail of the Holy Grail
Valencia Region

A free multimedia geocaching experience celebrating the Jubilee Year of this relic, reputed to be the cup used by Jesus at the Last Supper. Using the Whereigo mobile app, there are challenges at eleven representative places around the city of Valencia, combining real and virtual environments.

Val D’Aran Walking Festival
Lleida, Catalonia

The Val d’Aran Walking Festival is a hiking event in the Aran Valley, in Lleida. Hikers and nature lovers from around the world enjoy its landscapes, culture, heritage and gastronomy accompanied by professional guides. The guides lead the way along routes through emblematic and little known places of outstanding natural beauty. There are more than 25 hill-walking routes with different levels of difficulty, and a wide range of activities to enable walkers to get to know its itineraries, and its natural, cultural and gastronomic heritage, which make this valley perfect for hiking. There are packages including all the Festival’s services and activities so that all travellers have to worry about is enjoying the walking. Itineraries are organised to include cultural visits to the Aran valley’s Romanesque heritage sites and ethnographic museums. There are gastronomic events for sampling local products, stargazing trips, workshops, and many other attractions.

Barranco de la Leze
Alava, Basque Country

La Leze is a spectacular climb down through a canyon that crosses the Sierra de Altzania underground. Within the Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Park in Alava (Basque Country), this is the jewel in the crown of Basque canyoning. The La Leze Cave is 80 meters high and crosses the massif of the Sierra de Altzania from north to south. Gouged from limestone rock, and with plenty of fossils, its geological features make it unique in Europe. There are only seven other comparable caves in the world. The cave was made by the natural outflow of water from the valley on the other side of the sierra, known as the Hoya de La Leze. From there it flows down through the Artzanegi river, crossing the Altzania mountain range from one side to the other, and makes its way through the karstic system and becomes an underground river with its natural outlet at the cave entrance in the village of Ilarduia, Álava. There are several waterfalls inside the endokarst, as the cave entrance is at a much higher altitude than the exit. It beckons you to go down into the ravine gouged out by the river, and to cross the mountain, overcoming all the challenges, including jumps, rappels, abseiling, in complete darkness, with only headlamps to guide you.

Cultural Immersion in the Orpheus Mountains

Get to know the country’s most authentic region on a unique journey on board the narrow-gauge Rhodope Railway. This small Bulgarian railway is a jewel that runs through the heart of the mountains in the Rhodopes region, the cradle of the myth of Orpheus and one of the most beautiful areas of Bulgaria.

Korea Tourism Organization’s promotion of 100 Contact-Free tourist sites

The Korea Tourism Organisation has developed 100 contactless travel destinations to boost domestic travel demand and disperse travel demand across the country amid the COVID-19 pandemic by compiling a “contactless travel list” showing the level of contract-free travel through big data analysis.


#01 FITUR announces the 22nd edition of the FITUR-Jorge Vila Fradera Tribune, with the collaboration of AECIT.

#02 The purpose of this call is to select an unpublished work by research on tourism, to publish it and to disseminate its edition within the academic and training world.

#03 This call is annual.

#04 The papers will be presented in Spanish, by individuals, of legal age.

#05 The geographical scope of research of the papers is international.

#06 A technical scientific committee will be set up to select from among AECIT members, and will include the sponsors of this Tribune and representatives of FITUR. This committee will be chaired by a member of the AECIT Board of Directors and will have a casting vote in the event of a tie. It may select a maximum of one paper, and the ruling may be void.

#07 The selection committee will establish objective scales for evaluating the papers presented.

#08 The committee's ruling will be irrevocable.

#09 The technical scientific committee will select a maximum of four finalists papers, which will be presented at the technical seminar organised by AECIT during FITUR. In order to obtain the award, the selected work must have been presented by the author or one of the authors at the technical seminar.

#10 Under the above conditions, the paper may not exceed a maximum of 150 pages (excluding appendices).

#11 Works presented in previous editions of the FITUR-Jorge Vila Fradera Tribune Award will not be accepted.

#12 To guarantee anonymity in the evaluation process, works must include two PDFs with the following information:

  • First PDF:
  • Cover of the paper 22nd Call for Papers FITUR-Jorge Vila Fradera Tribune Award, the title of the paper and a pseudonym. The name and surname(s) of the author(s), or their affiliation, will never appear, either on the cover or on the inside pages of the paper.
  • A brief summary, headed by the title of the work and the pseudonym, explaining clearly and briefly the objectives of the work, the methodology used and the results obtained.
  • Second PDF:
  • This must include the name, surname(s), address, e-mail address, a photocopy of the identity card or passport of the author(s) of the paper, and a brief CV for each of them.

Works that do not comply with the above indications will be excluded.
Both documents must be sent in PDF via Wetransfer to the address before 16 April 2021.

#13 The selected work will receive recognition from the FITUR-Jorge Vila Fradera Tribune and will be published in Spanish.

#14 Copyright will be recognised and it will be compulsory to obtain authorization from the author to assign the publishing and dissemination rights to the organisation, sponsors and the publishing group.

#15 The decision will be communicated during the days of FITUR 2021.

#16 The winning author will be invited to the annual awards ceremony organised by FITUR in the months following the trade fair.

#17 All participants expressly accept these rules.

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