FITUR 2024 Awards

FITUR 2023 Awards

FITUR wishes to recognize the effort and talent of exhibiting companies and organizations through these "Best Stand" awards, which are given, at the discretion of a committee made up of experts in marketing, image, ephemeral architecture and communication, to stands that stand out for their adaptation to the marketing needs of the product presented, the identification of the design with the image and brand of the company and its products.
Originality and innovative aspects
That is to say, in assigning the prizes, the construction of the stand, its shapes, materials and innovative aspects, its design to impact the public and represent the identity of the exhibiting company or entity and its structure to enable the proper functioning of the stand in the tasks of the fair are taken into account. The members of the committee go through the entire fair and choose the stands that, in their opinion, deserve to be highlighted with these "Best Stand" awards that FITUR grants in recognition of their work. 
The FITUR 2024 Best Stand Awards will be announced during the fair. 

For the fourth time FITUR has awarded the "Sustainable Stand" Award, organized with the collaboration of the Responsible Tourism Institute (ITR), with the aim of recognizing and highlighting the efforts of exhibiting companies to make their presence at FITUR respectful of the environment and climate change, contributing to favoring social and cultural aspects, as well as making reference to governance and economic issues.

Winning stands:

  • Balearic Islands. Inclusive stand for people with reduced vision, hearing and mobility.
  • Portugal. Stands out for the reuse of materials and the type of personnel hired.
  • Galicia. The stand has supported artisan entrepreneurship, the recovery of traditions, with ceramic and glass tableware, and has staff with sign language.
  • Murcia. Carries out a rigorous carbon footprint methodology. Calculates and offsets the carbon footprint generated in the entire process, from the preparation and production of the stand to travel and consumption during FITUR.
  • Mastercard. has a rigorous methodology for measuring the carbon footprint and facilitating its detection.
  • Andalusia. Stands out for its water treatment and the dissemination of sustainability.

FITUR and AireLibre magazine announce the 29th FITUR Active Tourism Awards.

Objective: To promote the development and marketing of the tourism industry and project the highest quality tourism products, both nationally and internationally.

It is a platform to publicize the existing offer in products/services related to active tourism and, therefore, serves as a distribution channel to both tour operators and the end consumer


#01 FITUR and AireLibre magazine announce the 29th edition of the FITUR Active Tourism Awards

#02 The goal of the FITUR Active Tourism Awards is to highlight companies and professionals who develop quality tourism products and promote tourism experiences aligned with the principles of sustainability that should govern the progress of the tourism industry.

#03 Participants.

Exhibitors and co-exhibitors at FITUR 2024 may present their tourism products for these awards based on culture, nature, adventure, food and wine and any other experiential activity that has been designed to promote the principles of economic, environmental and/or social sustainability of territories and citizens.

#04 Product evaluation criteria for its selection

  • New and innovative product

  • Product that contributes to sustainable tourism development in its economic, environmental and/or social aspects.

  • Image quality and marketing elements of the product


#05 Participation procedure.

Each organisation may enter with one product only and must complete the following form by 29 November 2023: REGISTRATION FORM and follow the instructions therein regarding the descriptive materials of the product that must accompany the registration.

#06 The jury.

The jury will be made up of representatives from AireLibre magazine, FITUR, and the Spanish Federation of Tourism Journalists and Writers. The jury will award a maximum of four prizes: Two in the national category and two in the international category.

The Jury's decision and communication of the results of the FITUR Active Tourism Awards to the winners will be made before 15 January 2024.

Any of the prizes may be declared void by decision of the Jury.

The Jury's decision will be irrevocable and not subject to appeal.

#7 Benefits for the winners.

The winners of the FITUR Active Tourism Awards will receive an official diploma during the fair. The prizewinners will also be invited to an official awards ceremony which will take place after the fair.

They will also benefit from the following communication actions by AireLibre magazine and FITUR:

By AireLibre:

  • Publication of participants and winners on its website (

  • Inclusion of the list of competing products in the AireLibre Guide, which is sent to:

    • - In digital format: to more than 2,500,000 AireLibre users.

    • - In paper format: 15,000 copies distributed free of charge to FITUR visitors.

  • Publication, month by month, of a double-page spread in the magazine of each of the winning products.

  • Sending of a newsletter in which each winning product can include the information they wish, as well as links to websites, videos, etc.

  • Publication on AireLibre social media channels with promotion of up to 150,000 views on Instagram.


  • Mention in the informative press release of all the FITUR awards

  • Mention on social medial channels

  • Mention on the FITUR website

  • Delivery of official mark of participation


FITUR and AECIT (Spanish Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism) organized the 24th FITUR Tribune - Jorge Vila Fradera.

Objective: To select an unpublished research paper on tourism, publish it and disseminate it in the academic and training world.

Structure of the Call for Papers: All tourism research papers from Spain and Latin America, submitted by individuals of legal age, are eligible to compete.

Award-winning work FITUR 2023

  • "Control and inspection activity of the public administration on tourist housing, challenges and proposals for automation".
    By the author: Pilar Juana García Saura.