Fitur 2024 Awards

Best Booth Awards

FITUR wishes to recognize the effort and talent of exhibiting companies and organizations through these "Best Stand" awards, which are given, at the discretion of a committee made up of experts in marketing, image, ephemeral architecture and communication, to stands that stand out for their adaptation to the marketing needs of the product presented, the identification of the design with the image and brand of the company and its products.

Originality and innovative aspects.

That is to say, in assigning the prizes, the construction of the stand, its shapes, materials and innovative aspects, its design to impact the public and represent the identity of the exhibiting company or entity and its structure to enable the proper functioning of the stand in the tasks of the fair are taken into account. The members of the committee go through the entire fair and choose the stands that, in their opinion, deserve to be highlighted with these "Best Stand" awards that FITUR grants in recognition of their work.

The Best Stand Awards for FITUR 2024 are:

Institutions / Autonomous Communities

Countries / Regions


Sustainable Stands Award

For the fifth time FITUR has awarded the "Sustainable Stand" Award, organized with the collaboration of the Responsible Tourism Institute (ITR), with the aim of recognizing and highlighting the efforts of exhibiting companies to make their presence at FITUR respectful of the environment and climate change, contributing to favoring social and cultural aspects, as well as making reference to governance and economic issues.

The winning stands of FITUR 2024 are:

Active tourism

FITUR Active Tourism Award

FITUR and AireLibre magazine announce the 29th FITUR Active Tourism Awards.

Objective: To promote the development and marketing of the tourism industry and project the highest quality tourism products, both nationally and internationally.

It is a platform to publicize the existing offer in products/services related to active tourism and, therefore, serves as a distribution channel to both tour operators and the end consumer.

Winners Active Tourism Award FITUR 2024

National Category

  • Camino de Hierro: Sendero Natural a través de una obra de ingeniería ferroviaria increíble.
  • Desafío Overtrails Adventure.

International Category 

  • A Glimpse into Montenegro wild beauty: Katun roads.
  • Ruta del Mezcal de Guerrero: Fandango Mezcalero.


FITUR and AECIT (Spanish Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism) organized the 25th FITUR Tribune - Jorge Vila Fradera.

Objective: To select an unpublished research paper on tourism, publish it and disseminate it in the academic and training world.

Structure of the Call for Papers: All tourism research papers from Spain and Latin America, submitted by individuals of legal age, are eligible to compete.

Award-winning work FITUR 2024:

  • Hotel receptionists' suggestions as a driver of organisational change and innovation: an analysis of profiles, personality, creativity, knowledge and motivation.

Fitur 4all Awards

The FITUR4all Awards, organized by IMPULSA IGUALDAD in collaboration with FITUR, aim to give visibility, thank and encourage commitment to the development and promotion of inclusive tourism.

The FITUR4all 2024 Awards are given in the following categories:

  • Inclusive National Destination: an award is given to the national destination that has stood out for its accessible tourism development project in its territory and for its impact on the adoption and promotion of inclusivity in tourism.
  • Inclusive International Destination: the award is given to the international destination that has stood out for its accessible tourism development project in its territory and for its impact on the adoption and promotion of inclusiveness in tourism. 
  • Inclusive tourism company: the award is given to the tourism company that has developed an outstanding project in the field of accessibility with a positive impact on the inclusion of people with accessibility needs in tourism activities, thanks to improvements in the accessibility of its services and/or products.
  • Inclusive Organization or Institution: the organization or institution that has made a significant contribution to the development of accessible tourism with a positive impact on the promotion of equality in tourism will be awarded. Initiatives that promote collaboration, awareness and implementation of inclusive policies in the field of tourism will be recognized. 

The winners of the I Fitur 4all Awards are:

  • National Inclusive Destination: Benidorm
  • Inclusive International Destination: Colombia
  • Inclusive Tourism Company: PortAventura World - PortAventura Theme Park.    
  • Inclusive Organization or Institution: Costa Rican Network of Accessible Tourism