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Stand Sustainable Award

For the first time FITUR is awards the "Sustainable Stand" Prize, organised  in collaboration with the Institute of Responsible Tourism (ITR), with the aim of recognizing and highlighting the efforts of exhibiting companies to make their presence at FITUR respectful of the environment and climate change, contributing to the promotion of social and cultural aspects, as well as of reference to issues of governance and economy. 

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Best Active Tourism Product

Fitur and Aire Libre magazine announce the 25th Competition for Best Active Tourism Product, aimed at promoting development and marketing in the tourism industry and disseminating high quality tourism products.

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A look at the stars through other eyes. Aliaga, Teruel

A tourism experience that lets you discover our neighbours of the solar system with your five senses. Touch the Moon and Mars; smell the Moon, Uranus and the entire Space; eat like an astronaut.

Discover the solar system to scale, do crafts with your family, participate in gastronomic and audiovisual competitions, among others, and of course, astronomical observation. A space dinner and an evening under the stars.

Active tourism in the Valporquero Cave. León

Cross through the heart of the mountain on an active tourism adventure (speleologycanyoning) that is adapted for people with no prior experience.

Accompanied by guides and equipped with neoprene wetsuits and latest generation LED helmets, we travel the 4 kilometres of the underground river in the Valporquero cave, in a succession of lakes that are crossed by swimming, jumping into waterholes, rappelling down waterfalls, slides, etc. Every year over 4,000 people enjoy this adventure, which in 2019 will see its 20th year.

Latitud Tenerife. Tenerife

Tenerife’s great ecotourism experience, specially designed for travellers, either in “organised trips” or “on your own”, crossing the island from end to end through its main Protected Natural Areas in several stages (walking, running or biking) including, for the more adventurous, climbing to the top of the Teide.

Accessible Guided Visits. Madrid

The Accessible Guided Visits program comprises free-of-charge tours through the historical centre of Madrid, especially designed and aimed for people with disabilities and their companions. The tours are based on four themes and include the main itineraries through the historical centre of Madrid: Historical Madrid, Monumental Madrid, the Madrid of Cervantes and Women who stood out in the history of Madrid. Professional guides lead the tours throughout the entire route and they are offered from Thursday to Sunday. The explanations are given in Spanish and the group capacity is up to 20 people. The tours last approximately two hours.

Lorino: Whales and whale boats. Living history. Russia

A nature and anthropological trip to Russia's most remote area and one of the most inaccessible parts. This program was created by a Russian-Lithuanian anthropologist, for those travellers who are looking to have totally new experiences in remote areas inhabited by minority cultures. We will discover how the various indigenous people live and we will share in their day-to-day. Hunting and fishing in an incomparable place to watch marine fauna and shepherding herds of reindeer are their way of life. A true anthropological adventure for the brave.

500 years of History and culture in America. Hernán Cortés: from Havana to Mexico. Mexico- Cuba

This interesting route is product of a collaboration between Cuba and Mexico, joining two nations and commemorating the fifth centennial of the founding of Havana, a World Heritage City that was the starting point for Hernán Cortés towards Mexico. Following in his steps we discover idyllic landscapes, thousand-year-old monuments, as well as the Spanish legacy mixed with the ancestral culture of those lands, to create something totally new that still lasts today. Busy festivals, centuries-old traditions, impressive monuments, varied gastronomy, all to celebrate this centennial.

Ancestral Experience, Omo Valley. Ethiopia

To live with the most fascinating tribe of the Omo Valley is an unforgettable experience that will immensely enrich your life. One of the tribe families will host, in their home, a family or couple of travellers who will share their traditional way of life: shepherding, harvesting, traditional dance and handicraft production, among others, throughout the whole day.


Responsible Tourism Award

Fundación InterMundial, in collaboration with FITUR and the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), announces a new edition of the Responsible Tourism Award. This award, which recognises the involvement of tourism companies working for the development and activation of responsible tourism with the environment, the economy and local society, received, in its second edition, 70 nominations from a total of 7 countries.

Who can participate?

Those companies exhibiting at FITUR 2020 that in the last two years have worked in favour of responsible tourism, implementing policies or concrete operating measures or through actions address to the client.

The III Responsible Tourism Award consists of different categories:

  • Hospitality (accommodation, catering and related services).
  • Transport, tourist products and services (transport, airports, incentives and congresses, tour operators, agencies, leisure, health...)
  • Tourist Destinations.
  • Blogosphere.
  • Media.

Furthermore, new at this third staging, journalists and media that have contributed to the promotion and research of responsible and quality tourism through their materials will be eligible for the award in a new media category.

Companies interested in participating should send their applications from 28 October to 3 January 2020 to, once the registration form has been filled in correctly.

The jury, made up of renowned professionals from the tourism industry, will choose a winner for each of the categories in January. The awards ceremony will take place within the framework of FITUR 2020.

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21st FITUR-Jorge Vila Fradera

Under the renewed collaboration agreement with the Spanish Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism (AECIT), we are pleased to launch the 21st edition of the FITUR-Jorge Vila Fradera Award. We encourage the whole academic community to participate in this annual award, which aims to select an unpublished piece of research in the field of tourism.

Winner of the FITUR-JORGE VILA FRADERA Award at FITUR 2019:

“Profitability and Competitiveness in tourist destinations on the Spanish Coast”


  • Bartolomé Marco-Lajara
  • Enrique Claver-Cortés
  • Mercedes Úbeda-García
  • Francisco García Lillo
  • Patrocinio Carmen Zaragoza- Saéz

FITUR Best Stand Awards

Awards will be presented for the following categories:

  • Institutions and Autonomous Regions
  • Countries and Regions
  • Businesses

They will be selected from among all FITUR exhibitors based on the following criteria:

  • Professionalism: how well the stand fulfils the marketing needs of its’ product.
  • Communication and promotion: how well the stand identifies with image and product.
  • Design: assessment of degree of originality and innovation.

FITUR 2019 Stand Awards:


FITUR 2019 Awards

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