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Try a poor one...

You think exclusive and good assistance is expensive?

17 Jan 2019

You think exclusive and good assistance is expensive?

Try a poor one...loosing reputation, faith and loyalty is far more expensive!

Anticipate and ensure a positive experience to your clients visiting Italy for leisure or for business. 

Avoid waiting hours at the airport relying on local services...

Avoid problems at hotels or language barriers..

Avoid unprofessional tour guides or tourleaders..

Avoid last minute unexpected surprise..

Our 7/7 & 24/24 concierge services is at your disposal, for individuals or groups. Just for a client or for all your clients. 

Offering tailor made solutions, exclusive services, special assistance, unusual trips and itineraries to really discover and get in touch with Italy!

It's time to looking forward. Discover more with LBS Leisure and Business Services.

Fitur 2019, Pavillon 4, stand 4A20