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Spain will promote 25 tourism destinations

In order to modernise the offer and activate Spain's inland regions, 14 autonomous communities are preparing to promote a total of 25 tourism destinations. Take a look at all of the plans

29 Oct 2020

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, the autonomous communities and local agencies all participate in the €58.8 million global budget. The projects are developed in Aragón, Asturias, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Cantabria, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León, Catalonia, Valencia, Extremadura, Galicia and Madrid, Murcia and La Rioja.

18 plans are for rural or inland destinations and the investment will be aimed at revitalising and organising their tourism offer, promoting their cultural and natural assets. The other 7 are for pioneering mature destinations that need to renew their offer in order to not lose competitiveness and where it will tend towards a smart and sustainable tourism model.

These are the 25 projects:


- The hidden face of the Moncayo (Aranda region).

- Destination between rivers (Bajo Cinca).


-Somiedo, preserving sustainable tourism.

-Onís, ecotourism in Picos de Europa.

Balearic Islands:

- Menorca, Biosphere Reserve-Tourism 0CO2.

- Palma Stimulus Plan.

Canary Islands:

- La Palma Biosphere Reserve.

- World Heritage Plan and Gran Canaria Biosphere Reserve.


-Liébana, redistribute demand.

Castilla La-Mancha:

-Sigüenza, sustainable mobility.

-Cabañeros, a management model.

-Cuenca: nature and culture.

Castilla y Leon:

-Sierra de Francia, sustainable tourism destination.

- Riaño Mountain, new tourism experiences.


-Valle de Arán, sustainable destination.

-Torroella Montgrí and l’Estartit, committed to culture.

Valencian Community:

-Benidorm, smart destination.

-Gandía, diversifying offer.


-La Siberia, Biosphere Reserve destination.

- Valle Ambroz-Cáparra: eco-tourism, culture and wellbeing in rural areas.


-Santiago, decongesting tourism flows.

-Ribeira Sacra, candidate to World Heritage.

Community of Madrid:

-Alcalá de Henares, digital transformation.


-Sierra Espuña, cultural eco-tourism destination.

La Rioja:

- Adapting the Valdezcaray station to climate change.

Details of each project: