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Annual Report

The annual report 2021 summarises a year during which IFEMA MADRID led the reactivation of the in-person trade fair sector, proving its capacity to drive change in ways of working and providing companies with services 365 days of the year.

“The year summarised in this report was exceptional, however you look at it”.

José Vicente de los Mozos, chairman of the Executive Committee

Annual Report 2021
Sustainability Report CSR 2021
Non-Financial Information Statement 2021

Annual Report History

Annual Report 2020
PDF  -  7 MB
Sustainability Report CSR 2020
PDF  -  7,2 MB
Annual report 2019
PDF  -  3,59 MB
Sustainability Report CSR 2019
PDF  -  7.21 MB
Annual report 2018
PDF  -  4,19 MB

Average payment period

Within the framework of the fight against late payment, and in accordance with the principle of transparency, Organic Law 2/2012 of 27 April on budgetary stability and financial sustainability established the obligation to publish the average payment periods of each of the entities that make up the public sector and implemented a set of automatic and progressive measures aimed at ensuring compliance with the regulations on delinquency.

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Competitions and tenders

In accordance with Law 9/2017 on Public Sector Contracts, IFEMA MADRID's contracting activity is advertised through the IFEMA MADRID contracting profile.

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