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Building tomorrow with today's ideas

Innovation is about adapting, evolving, turning trends into habits.

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Since its creation in 2018, the IFEMA MADRID LAB Foundation has been carrying out systematic R&D&I work focused on the identification and study of new technologies, their adaptation to the needs of the sector and the exploitation of the potential and opportunities offered by the digital age and the future WEB 3.0 for the IFEMA MADRID trade fair channel.

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Through research, we aim to break new ground.

Observe the general. Turn it into something concrete. Human beings have shown that their best quality is to adapt, but we don't just need to adapt to ourselves, we also need to adapt to our ideas.

That is why we at IFEMA MADRID LAB focus on research. Research is the key to solving the needs and exploiting the opportunities of the future. It is not possible to adapt reality to our highest aspirations without such vision and anticipation.

Look at our developments, where we combine experience and technology.

Getting to tangible products and services is just as important as research. Here is a selection of our latest developments, which were in action at some of the most important IFEMA MADRID trade fairs.

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Virtual Set

Audiovisual format that enables us to integrate participants into virtual spaces, providing interactive and expositional functionalities.

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Digital Poster

We gave life to the façade of IFEMA MADRID by giving life to the traditional fair poster in a striking and differential way.

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Augmented POV

Audiovisual format for streamings from the user's point of view, integrating interactive 3D elements.

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Interactive Photocall

Photocall with interactive gamified dynamics, which we record and deliver to be shared on Social Networks.

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