El Circo Mágico

Cabecera interior

IFEMA MADRID welcomes the great white tent of the Magic Circus

Feria de Madrid opens up to new large-scale special events aimed at the general public. This Christmas, a large white tent hosts the new Magic Circus, a show full of attractions and surprises about spells, alchemies and stories with fantastic characters. The spectacular show will feature 30 prestigious artists at the IFEMA MADRID facilities from December 6th to January 28th. It is an event for families, but also a event which brings generations together to dream of fairies or be surprised by daring acrobats.

Diversification of events

Once again, IFEMA MADRID is committed to hosting a variety of large events as a complement to its trade fair and congress activities, a path it recently embarked on, with initiatives to also become a benchmark in the cultural and leisure program of the city. This year it has been the venue for such events as the Rio Babel electronic music festival, the DJ Nano Oro Viejo concert, and the Harry Potter exhibition. Now is the turn of the Magic Circus...

Fantasy on stage

This new show created by Sonrisas Producciones (creators of the Ice Circus and other Christmas shows) stages maximum fantasy and dream: “the light, the sound, the scenography is a mix of the centennial forest and the merlinian time, with the planets as an important player and, especially this year, an impactful stage scenography”, says Manuel González of Sonrisas Producciones

Logistics, communication and parking

The event is fully setup in the IFEMA MADRID facilities, a setup which involves some challenges for the organizer. According to Manuel González, “thanks to the well-prepared facilities of IFEMA MADRID, an event with a complex assembly such as Circo Mágico is easier to set up. The venue is prepared to accommodate thousands of people (the main tent covers 10,000m2 and has a capacity of 1,700 pax); it is well connected and offers all kinds of facilities for the visitor such as parking, as well as support in security and risk control before, during and after the show, in the tent and around it”.

Magical stories and legends

“In the Great Book of Wisdom, everything is written, the impossible will become possible and everything that one can imagine and dream will come true”. This is how begins some of the imaginative stories and legends that will be performed by 30 prestigious artists chosen to give life to such characters as ‘The Great Wizard’ (Manuel Prejó), ‘The Human Statue’ that will give life to the well-known artist “Murat” or the 11 acrobats in scale of La Trupe Zola.

Activities for all ages

The joy of magic has no age limits. “It is a meeting between several generations; it is nice to see grandparents enjoying their grandchildren through magic, entire families coming to the show to celebrate the holidays, or adults returning to feel the fantasy of magic just like in their childhood”, says Manuel González. The program of activities is designed with elements and characters that inspire a dreamlike world of fairies, jesters, fauns and other fantastic characters, with live music, magic tricks, photo booth, restaurant area and shows with acrobatics, among others.