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16 March 2021

VPT Tours will present more than 800 different travel proposals at FITUR

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In February, the VPT Tours explained that it had undertaken a temporary and compulsory pause in activity, but added that it would soon be back to "full steam ahead" in the near future. Acknowledging present challenges and that better times are soon to come, they reaffirmed that "Ever since the pandemic began, our company has continued our preparations for future routes throughout Europe and Spain, ensuring that these will be safer, more responsible and effective for future passengers".

"While the VPT model already embodied these ideals, it's our duty to be further mindful of and include new ideas: guaranteeing protection, safeguarding, outreach and, ultimately, ensuring a smooth path forwards, ensuring that the end users of our product see that our brand continues to stand at the forefront of this niche market, just as we always have", the company noted. Therefore, "we will be focusing our efforts and resources on expansion and optimisation, ensuring that when we're permitted to resume our operations again and offer our broad selection of routes, we're seen as a 'safe choice' by both travel agencies and passengers".

"Taking into account and in line with our implementation of a strict and stringent series of actions in response to sanitation requirements for our products, we are prepared to offer new itineraries in addition to our previous and most popular offerings on the market", they explained. "While we're aware and conscious of a potential period of stagnation during the first few months after resuming operations, we're confident that, by the second half of 2021 and certainly by 2022, there will be a significant rebound resulting in extremely high demand for travel routes throughout Europe".

Rescheduled travel

"Our operations and reservations staff have already rescheduled countless reservations that were placed on hold due to the pandemic. Moreover, the amount of travel quotes requested for the coming months is more than encouraging and indicative of the tourism needs of older generations", the company reaffirmed.

"Our fleet of vehicles, recognised as being one of the most modern and efficient in the field, has been adapted via quite rigorous and innovative processes to offer pleasurable and safe travel". "Our expertly trained and exclusive group of guides will go on to assume yet another role, adding even more value to their already outstanding professionalism. They will be trained to be more involved as "problem-solvers".

"With this, it is VPT's intention to attend FITUR 2021 and demonstrate our presence, just as we always have. We're excited to present our capabilities and offerings to new friends and clients, which include more than 800 different travel proposals. This is why, by demonstrating our products, offering the best prices on the market and our years of demonstrated trustworthiness, VPT is able to attract people with a common interest who wish to travel safely, and thus making it possible for us to work towards our common mission as professionals with a vocation for service and a love of tourism".