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Talent increases profitability

Enhancing training and talent increases profitability for tourism businesses

Having motivated people, building high-performance teams, designing new processes, and providing them with tools, and training employees in the latest developments and trends are key elements in anticipating the tourism market.

08 Jul 2020

Managing people in an organisation requires a strategy that sets goals and challenges for development and growth in line with the needs of the company itself, the market and demand. That’s why “the services sector has to focus more on better understanding its staff and their needs, adding value to the profession and contributing to changes in tourism training and employment,” says Tourism Data Driven Solutions. That way, we’ll be able to increase the tourism industry’s competitiveness and profitability “when we create robust working environments so that people can see a convincing professional pathway ahead; one they can commit to for the future.

Along the same lines, the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) report “The Future of Work and Skills Development in Tourism,” emphasises the need to adapt businesses to the constant social transformations, and points out that tourism must be a driver of new skills, training and professional careers in conjunction with new technologies and digital transformation.

Motivation and Good Performance 

People’s motivation is directly related to their good performance and growth within the company. “So, by providing teams with the tools they need in a healthy working environment, we can ensure the company stays competitive. People will feel more creative, be eager to contribute, will develop their most innovative side, and will want to collaborate with each other, understanding that the company and the projects they work on having a shared goal: growth for all.”

To achieve these goals, we need to work on data gathering and analysis, as well as on constant innovation. “We need to have data that allows us to analyse how our human resource management is going. Measurements to enable us to know where we stand, goes hand in hand with innovation, to help us be competitive and able to determine concrete actions for the growth of our teams.


As part of its vocation to provide the tourism industry with new content and tools for boosting growth, the previous edition of FITUR featured the launch of FITUR TALENT, a new special-interest space focusing on people, their talent, their skills, and their professional training. FITUR TALENT will be held again at the next edition of the International Tourism Trade Fair, which will take place from 20th to 24th January 2021.

The fact that FITUR devotes an entire space to talent means that the tourism sector has much to contribute in terms of skills and employment and training needs. “A country like Spain, at the top of the world’s leading tourism sector rankings and home to one of the main international fairs, must also take the lead in strategy and policies for employability and training,” explains Tourism Data Driven Solutions. “Being a knowledge exporter and being able to retain our professionals is essential for all of us. In this way, we can stay competitive and ensure the future and sustainable growth for this sector in the years ahead.