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When Viewers Become Tourists

The growing demand for films and television series, driven by the emergence of streaming services, is creating an interesting parallel trend. Many fans are eager to find out about shooting locations, to visit them as soon as possible, points out Carlos Rosado, President of Spain Film Commission, a FITUR SCREEN partner.

09 Dec 2020

Viewers eagerly await press coverage of the locations for the fourth season of the series The Crown, about the life of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. Some of scenes in the series were shot at locations in Spain, including Malaga, Seville, Huelva and Sotogrande, destinations that from now on will have a new attraction for visitors. According to TCI Research, more than 80 million travellers around the world are already choosing their destination based on films and television series.

Carlos Rosado is President of the Spain Film Commission and the Andalucía Film Commission. He explained to FITURNews that “the figures clearly show a direct relationship, how viewers become visitors.” People are keen on screen tourism because they are inspired by “seeing locations and references to a certain region, whether in cinema or TV drama, which is increasingly being shot outdoors.” This experience “encourages them to visit the places where their favourite series have been filmed.”

This phenomenon is driving “growth of a new tourism segment, generally younger people who interact a lot on social media, and who is interested not only in finding out about the specific place where the film was made but also its surroundings, culture and traditions.” And these are tourists who travel outside the summer season, “which is a plus, as they don’t increase overcrowding at destinations in high season.”

Rosado explains that “there are more and more television series and they’re shot in more natural locations, outdoors, so that the region is becoming more important.” Furthermore, “although filming stopped during the pandemic, consumption of video productions surged, as people needed to watch more film and television. Now, “Spanish production has resumed, although international filming continues to be affected by transport and movement restrictions because of the pandemic.”

Good Results for FITUR SCREEN

Carlos Rosado is very upbeat about the partnership between the Spain Film Commission and FITUR since 2018 to stage the FITUR SCREEN special interest section. “We are very pleased with IFEMA’s enthusiasm about agreeing to create a specific space for film tourism, as part of one world’s leading tourism fairs. We’ve already staged two editions, and the result has been incredibly positive. We’ve seen how important it is both to trade visitors and the general public. It’s a niche for incentive tourism that has a great capacity for growth in Spain.

IFEMA the Film Set

On the other hand, the increasing importance of streaming services has led to a growing demand for spaces, a phenomenon that has prompted IFEMA to strengthen a new line of business: adapting one of its exhibition halls for use as a film set.

Business has been quieter lately, and IFEMA has large and versatile spaces that can be adapted and customised for a variety of events. To satisfy this demand, we have set up a new space management project to provide services to audio-visual and advertising companies for productions that require large spaces and special, customisable facilities over long periods.