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29 November 2022

FITUR 2023 focuses on the future of sustainable tourism

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Organised by IFEMA MADRID from 18 to 23 January, it will be highly representative of the strength of the global tourism industry and its commitment to sustainable growth.

FITUR will measure its carbon footprint for the first time and incentivise sustainable participation with the Sustainable Stand Awards organised in collaboration with the Responsible Tourism Institute (ITR).

In line with the important influence that sustainable development now has in the tourism industry, the next edition of the International Tourism Trade Fair, FITUR 2023, will echo this reality throughout its multiple content, activities and initiatives, which will have as a common thread the promotion of strategies aimed at encouraging tourism that respects the ecosystem, the environment, local culture, and its value in the social and economic context as a source of employment, wealth and wellbeing.

In this way, FITUR, organised by IFEMA MADRID and held from 18 to 23 January at the Exhibition Centre, will be highly representative of the strength of the world's tourism industry and its commitment to sustainable growth, in which innovation and digital transformation are also revealed as key differentiating factors and drivers of development. 

In this context of sustainability, IFEMA MADRID is actively involved in measuring the carbon footprint of FITUR 23 for the first time, in scopes 1 and 2, and formalising its commitment to reducing it at the next edition.   

In addition, FITUR, like the rest of IFEMA MADRID's events, is already encouraging the sustainable participation of companies and professionals, through action guides and recommendations to be followed, in order to reduce any negative effects that the fair may have and to promote positive uses, both in terms of awareness, waste reduction and mobility, which represents an opportunity to collaborate in the objectives of sustainable development.

With this same purpose, sustainable participation at FITUR has been highlighted in a special way, with the Sustainable Stand Awards which, since the 2020 edition and in collaboration with the Responsible Tourism Institute (ITR), aim to recognise the efforts of exhibitors to ensure that their presence at FITUR is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, selecting those participants that stand out for their concern for their environmental, economic and social impact.

Además, FITUR, como el resto de los eventos de IFEMA MADRID, ya viene incentivando la participación sostenible de empresas y profesionales, mediante guías de actuación y recomendaciones a seguir, para aminorar cualquier efecto negativo que pudiese producir la feria y potenciar los usos positivos, tanto en lo que se refiere a concienciación, como en reducción de residuos, movilidad, lo que representa una oportunidad para colaborar en de los objetivos de desarrollo sostenible.

Con esta misma vocación, la participación sostenible en FITUR viene destacándose de forma especial, con los Premios al Stand Sostenible que desde la edición de  2020 y en colaboración con el Instituto de Turismo Responsable (ITR), tienen el objetivo de reconocer el esfuerzo de los expositores por  hacer que su presencia en FITUR esté alineada con los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible de Naciones Unidas, seleccionando aquellas participaciones que destacan por su cuidado al  impacto medioambiental, económico y social.