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FITUR SCREEN will focus on the link between two powerful Spanish industries: tourism and the audiovisual industry

Spain Screen Grand Tour and the Hub Audiovisual Español are the main agents in this specialised section Once again, Spain Film Commission and IFEMA MADRID are organising the area for film tourism within the International Tourism Fair The programme will include the awarding of the Spain Film Commission Honorary Ambassador distinction and the Spain Film Commission award to Best Production filmed in Spain in 2021

14 Jan 2022

Once again, FITUR SCREEN is being organised by Spain Film Commission and IFEMA MADRID, with the collaboration of Netflix. This area is aimed at film tourism within the International Tourism Fair, to be held from the 19 to 23 January. For its fourth edition, FITUR SCREEN will focus on various aspects of the link between two powerful Spanish industries: tourism and the audiovisual industry.

The Spanish audiovisual ecosystem is currently facing opportunities and challenges, which lead to a shared reflection on the steps to be taken if we wish to be a preferential destination to attract, assist and manage productions in all type of formats: cinema, series, documentaries, publicity, animation, videogames (eSports), special effects, virtual reality... We are talking about a global industry with a high potential for growth and positive impact on the economic activity, the business sector, talent and culture, tourism and worldwide positioning of the “SPAIN Brand”. 

At Spain Film Commission they say that it is not a coincidence that all countries, communities, cities and territories compete to be heard and be chosen to host projects, investments and business related to this sector. “The advent of platforms, the digital transformation and changes in consumer habits, which were encouraged during the pandemic, are at the origin of a new way of understanding and experiencing entertainment, which requires generating content in order to respond to the existing demand”.  

Spain is renowned in this market and the forecasts are optimistic, provided that we move in the right direction. “It is fair to acknowledge the work being carried out by the national Government, through the competent Ministries and agencies such as ICEX and ICAA, which is embodied in the Plan “Spain, Europe’s Audiovisual Hub”. For the first time, we are seeing a strategic political commitment, which translates into specific actions and into an estimated budget of €1,600 million for its implementation”. 

This initiative is backed by public and private agents, who have collaborated in the design and are now called to play a leading role in its development. Spain Film Commission, a non-profit organisation that represents 32 Film Commissions and Film Offices that are located throughout the country, is a good example. “We began our work 20 years ago because we believed in Spain's potential as a reference point for the filming industry, and today we can say that time has proven us right”.

Tourism experiences

During the conferences dedicated to professionals, on the 19, 20 and 21 January, “Spain, Europe’s Audiovisual Hub” will have a leading role in the programme, which will present tourism experiences related to the “Spain Screen Grand Tour”. This initiative offers travellers the chance to discover villages and cities, coasts, mountains, deserts, historical city-centres, avant-garde architecture, traditions and much more, through the locations of some of the most well-known series and films from recent years.  ‘Spain Screen Grand Tour’ is named after the traveller movement popular among the European aristocracy since the 17th century, when young people would travel through different European countries to be educated, collect archaeological and artistic objects and come into contact with other languages and cultures. This type of travel arrived in Spain in the 19th century.

The programme for the conferences will include the Honorary Ambassador award by the Spain Film Commission, which will expand the numerous group of celebrities already holding this title, with: Javier Aguirresarobe, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Emily Blunt and James Costo.

The Spain Film Commission award for Best Production filmed in Spain in 2021 will be awarded on Friday the 21st, and will be announced as the grand finale to FITUR SCREEN.

FITUR SCREEN will be located in hall 8 at IFEMA MADRID, where in addition to the professional events, the Spain Film Commission partners will host exhibition stands to inform on their locations

Spain Film Commission, a pioneer in publicising and promoting film tourism, renews its commitment to FITUR SCREEN to situate it as a global forum for meetings and discussions.