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Spain Global Tourism Forum will provide solutions for the challenges facing the tourism industry in the future

The forum will gather together experts and professionals from the sector to analyse the impact of tourism on the world economy

Spain GTF – Global Tourism Forum is a world tourism event organised with the goal of debating, through analysing the impact and perspectives of tourism on the world economy and on society as a whole, any issues of an economic and global nature that have an influence on the capacity for developing tourism in today’s environment.

The event, which will be held on 27 January 2015 in Madrid, aims to attract the most important voices on the international economic scene in order to perform an analytical exercise to determine the influences of tourism on the economy and vice versa as well as to define the challenges both will be facing in the future. To do this, Spain GTF will be attended by personalities representing national and international organisations as well as CEOs of recognised global and nationwide companies.

12 Jan 2015

The official inauguration of the Spain Global Tourism Forum, in which important representatives of Spanish institutions will take part, is scheduled for 12:00 midday and will serve to introduce the programme of discussions planned for the workshop.

Thus, the first discussion panel of the forum will be staged under the name of “The impact of tourism on the development of a country’s infrastructures”, where various figures connected to the tourism industry of both Spain and foreign countries will debate on the direct impact of an increase in tourist activity on a country’s infrastructural growth.

After lunch, a new conference will be organised with the name of “Economy and tourism competitiveness”, which aims to expound on the importance of developing a competitive economy and tourism industry to provide benefits for the destination in question. The presentation will feature academics who are experts on the issue as well as senior officials from different companies and organisations.

The permanent evolution of this environment and the difficulties the tourism sector is experiencing in its efforts to adapt is an issue that is generating a great deal of interest and will be represented at the Spain GTF by presidents and CEOs of highly relevant businesses in the industry at the discussion on “Demographic, economic, social change: how should the tourism industry deal with it?”. At the same time, the introduction of new technologies in the field of tourism, one of the most relevant issues in the sector, will also have its own space for dialogue under the name of “The role of new technologies and innovation in tourism management”, where experts will exchange knowledge and experiences relating to this issue.