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29 October 2020

The research paper winner of the TRIBUNA FITUR-JORGE VILA FRADERA award has been published

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The research paper winner of the 21st TRIBUNA FITUR-JORGE VILA FRADERA award has been published. In their book, the authors, Carlos Sánchez-Camacho and David Martín–Consuegra, perform a bibliometric analysis of the evolution, trends and future lines of Social Corporate Responsibility in the tourism sector. The work is available for free at:

The research paper awarded the TRIBUNA FITUR-JORGE VILA FRADERA Prize uses SciMAT software to analyse a large amount of bibliometric information published on CSR within tourism. 1,800 academic articles that were selected and analysed, all of them indexed in the major scientific journals (126, specifically) in the category Heritage, Leisure, Sport & Tourism. Clear and defined information was extracted from them and synthesised.

The result is a set of scientific maps (strategic diagrams and evolution map) that summarise the main subject areas around which all scientific production revolves, the relations between concepts, evolution and the main trends. All of this is also useful to propose future lines of research (as contributed at the end of the paper) and, in short, for this study to become an important turning point for the academic discipline in question: CSR in tourism.

The authors

The research authors are Carlos Sánchez-Camacho Muñoz and David Martín–Consuegra Navarro. Sánchez-Camacho is a PhD student in Economics and Companies at the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM). He is also an associate professor at the International University of La Rioja (UNIR) since the 2018/2019 academic year, where he teaches various courses pertaining to marketing and international business within two certifications: Degree in Business Administration and Management and Degree in Marketing and International Trade.

Martín-Consuegra is a University Professor and currently teaches at the Law and Social Sciences Faculty of the University of Castilla-La Mancha. Although he has taught a wide variety of subjects pertaining to Marketing (Fundamentals of Marketing, Commercial Management, Introduction to Marketing...) in recent years he has mainly taught Market Research and Commercial Communication within the Business Management and Administration, and Strategic Marketing within the Master’s in Strategy and Marketing. He also regularly participates in various masters and expert courses, teaching a wide variety of sessions and conferences linked to the marketing and tourism world.

An issue that is receiving increasingly more interest

The paper discusses how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an issue with increasing interest in a multitude of areas, both in the professional and in the academic fields. Specifically, in the latter, there are increasingly more research papers focusing on studying various aspects of CSR, performed in practically all academic disciplines. There are several works especially dedicated to synthesising a global definition of this concept.

However, it is different in the tourism sector, where research on CSR is not as developed compared to other disciplines. An important research opportunity was thus seen in the tourism industry, based on achieving a general summary of the scientific production on CSR. Therefore, bibliometrics is an attractive option to cover this endeavour.