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16 February 2021

Paradores Transforms Itself To Become one Spain's Safest Tourist Destinations

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Paradores procedures have always been very rigorous, but since the beginning of the pandemic it has been working to strengthen all its hygiene and safety protocols. The state-owned chain has a number of advantages because of its locations and the size of its premises, which have helped it to become one of Spain's safest destinations.

The state-owned company has always been a benchmark for quality and reliability and, now more than ever, it has stepped up cleaning and disinfection measures in all its establishments. Óscar López, the hotel chain’s chairman, says “we’re a destination that customers trust. We’ve strengthened our hygiene and cleanliness protocols to provide our guests with the greatest safety guarantees, which, together with our personal approach and quality are features of Paradores.”

In last summer’s campaign, marked by a drop in overseas tourism, Spanish customers trusted Paradores, and we achieved an occupancy rate of 72% in July, 82% in August and 67% in September. Most of our establishments are in remote places, away from crowded tourism centres, and they tend to be small or medium-sized, which makes it easier to rigorously implement safety and hygiene checks to make them the safest destination for a short break to rest or hold family events or business meetings.

Reopening of the León Parador

A good example of the company’s ceaseless activity is the Parador in the city of León, the Hostal de San Marcos, which reopened its doors last December, after staying closed for three years for a comprehensive refurbishment and renovation.

One of the state-run hotel chain’s most emblematic establishments, this Parador, reopens as a five-star establishment, with 51 rooms, lounges, and new common areas. Its valuable works of art such as “The Birth of Christ” by Juan de Juni, the ceiling by Lucio Muñoz or the Immaculate Conception by Antonio Pereda y Salgado have been restored and can be seen in all their splendour.