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14 January 2022

Major news in the FITURTALENT 2022 Forum: “The (re) Generation of Tourism Talent: Creating a New Culture”

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The Great Resignation and its impact on the Tourism Sector, the various Leaderships in times of change, Re-attracting and Re-motivating Employee Spirits, Training and Expectations of the Various Generations or the Role of Innovation and Technology, among others.

In this third edition, the FITURTALENT forum will analyse the situation and management of talent at organisations and companies over two unprecedented years, marked by the shutdown caused by Covid-19 and the necessary reactivation. Talent drain from the sector, “Silver” talent, new motivation and compensation strategies for employees are some of the issues to be discussed during the Forum.

Some of the main agents of the tourism and talent sector will participate in the programme, which will be based mainly along three lines: “The (re) Generation of Tourism Talent: Creating a New Culture”, “Re-attracting and Re-motivating Employee Spirits”, and “Specialised Training”.

The WTO will present its education strategy, through the UNWTO Academy, and it will introduce the winners of its Innovation Challenge, focusing on the world of tourism startups, job creators and managers of new talent worldwide.

The section led by the WTTC (World Travel & Tourism Council) will analyse the role of Human Resources in the tourism sector: leadership, talent retention, access to executive positions, equality in wages and opportunities, or the role of exiled talent. This block will include international experts, company executives and European Union representatives, among others.

For this third edition, FITUR TALENT will have the special collaboration of the World Tourism Organisation, World Travel & Tourism Council, Meliá Hotels International, TURIJOBS, ESIC Business School, HECANSA (Hoteles Escuela de Canarias) and Hecansa Living LAB, NEXIAN or DPersonas, among others. These and other companies and institutions will all participate in analysing various current topics in the sector linked to human resource management, the new profiles needed in the sector will be defined, the place of the

Academy in tourism, the new training proposals to attract new demand, technologies for management and 24/7 training, and there will also be an area dedicated to training in wine tourism experiences.

This year the traditional “FITUR TALENT CHALLENGES” are back. This will take place at the Talent Forum on Friday afternoon, and it will unveil the solutions to the challenges posed by Meliá Hotels International, HECANSA and the City Hall of Santander.

Throughout the afternoon, the projects by the pre-selected universities and training centres will present their solutions to the jury panel. The jury panel will then decide on the results and will notify the winning teams, one per challenge.

Lastly, Saturday is the day for the “TURIJOBS Talent Meet-Up”, where attendees will find tips to improve their CV and successfully conduct a job interview (Saturday), and on Sunday, the ESIC Business School will offer guidance for innovative training programs to improve applicants’ knowledge and skills.

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