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13 October 2021

FITUR 2022 makes a comeback and rises to the level of its best editions

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The participation data was disclosed within the framework of the FITUR Awards ceremony for the best participation of the last two editions

After the milestone of FITUR 2021, in its “Special Tourism Recovery” edition and backed by the entire value chain of the international tourism industry, the Trade Fair dedicates all of its effort to its essential mission, to contribute to the recovery of tourism. FITUR 2022 grew by 53% compared to 2021, with a good outlook for the next edition, to be held from the 19 to 23 January, organised by IFEMA MADRID, under the slogan “We Embrace the World”.

Download pictures from the FITUR 2020-2021 Awards

On the morning of the 13th October, prior to the traditional ceremony for the FITUR Awards for the years 2020 and 2021, FITUR presented its newly-formed Organising Committee with the important news and forecasts for participation for the next edition of this major International Tourism Fair, to be held from the 19 to 23 January, organised by IFEMA MADRID under the slogan “We Embrace the World”.

After the milestone that was FITUR 2021, for its “Special Tourism Recovery” edition, which was a turning point thanks to the collective effort of the entire professional community of the tourism industry, FITUR 2022 is making its comeback. This is proven by the 53% growth already recorded for the next edition, compared to the 2021 edition, and the forecast is that it will continue to increase, at a pre-pandemic rate of participation that will strengthen the role of FITUR as the world's leading trade fair. Representation of the Spanish tourism industry is already confirmed at its maximum level regarding Autonomous Communities and Cities, and it is quite positive for companies as well. In addition, official international participation is growing and, 3 months away from the event, it exceeds 48% and continues to increase.   

Thus, FITUR 2022, in alignment with elements such as the gradual normalisation of tourism activities and the backing by the Government in declaring it as an Event of Exceptional Public Interest, as well as the significant backing from institutions, countries and destinations, hotel chains, travel agencies and tour operators, technological companies, suppliers, transportation and, in general, from the entire tourism value chain, will once again place all of its resources at the service of the industry in its main mission to contribute to speeding up tourism recovery and helping the industry to grow.

Along with the worldwide promotion provided by FITUR, the event continues to develop its professionalisation and specialisation strategy by focusing on the various segments that drive the tourism market, with its sections FITURTECHY; FITUR KNOW HOW & EXPORT, FITUR MICE; FITUR HEALTH; FITUR FESTIVALS & EVENTS; FITUR TALENT; FITUR LGBT; FITUR LINGUA and FITUR  WOMAN, as well as B2B events and activities programs that showcase some of the future key points and challenges, with special emphasis on the digital transition, technological progress and sustainable development. Alongside these sections, the FITURNEXT Observatory is dedicated this year to boosting good tourism practises regarding accessibility.

FITUR will be held throughout 8 halls, divided as follows: America in Hall 3; Europe and Middle East, Hall 4; Asia-Pacific and Africa, Hall 6; Spanish Official Organisations, Halls 5, 7 and 9; Travel Technology and Companies in Halls 8 and 10,

This year the Dominican Republic is the FITUR Partner Country, therefore it will have prominent positioning and strategic visibility to showcase the country's many tourist attractions. This is the second time that the Dominican Republic is the “FITUR Partner”, the first being in the FITUR 2019 edition, and so far, it is the only one that has collaborated twice as a partner. The Dominican Republic is partnering with FITUR to highlight its mild climate and the hospitality of its people, its connections with over 1,400 airports from over 170 countries, as well as its proper handling of the pandemic regarding protocols for tourism, vaccination of the local population and especially of tourism industry workers. It is a destination with ample sun and sand, but also nature, art, culture and gastronomy, that aims to become a destination for both leisure and business.

FITUR AWARDS 2020/2021

As every year and after the pause in 2020, FITUR, in its aim to promote excellence and innovation in the tourism industry, gave out on the 13th October the awards for Sustainable Stands, Best Stands; Active Tourism and the FITUR-Jorge Vila Fradera Tribune award, for the 2020 and 2021 editions.

These awards represent the acknowledgement of the work carried out by companies, professionals and researchers to boost the industry's image; create new products to diversify the offer and contribute to sustainable development, as well as research to boost the market, with a basis in knowledge and analysis.

The ceremony, chaired by the Secretary of State for Tourism, Fernando Valdés, was also attended by the CEO of IFEMA, José Vicente de los Mozos and by the Chairman of the FITUR Organising Committee, Javier Sánchez-Prieto.

Sustainable Stand Award

The SUSTAINABLE STAND awards, organised in collaboration with the Institute for Responsible Tourism (IRT), acknowledge the work carried out by the exhibitors to show their alignment with the Agenda 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals and herald the recovery of the industry.

The winners of the first edition of the Sustainable Stand awards for FITUR 2020 were for Paradores and Turismo y Deporte de Andalucia.

The second edition awards, held within FITUR 2021, were for the stands: Argentina; Asturias; Illes Balears (Mallorca – Menorca – Ibiza – Formentera); the Costa Rican Tourism Institute; Canary Islands; Paradores; Segittur, and Vectalia.

Best Stand Awards

FITUR gives every year the Best Stand award to the most outstanding participants who follow the criteria of Professionalism, that is, the stand is suited to the marketing needs of each product; capacity for Communication/ Promotion, regarding identification of the stand by images and product; and Design, with special emphasis on the degree of originality and innovation.

The FITUR 2020 awards in the Autonomous Community category went to Euskadi Basque Country; Comunitat Valenciana, and Aragon. In the Country and Regions category, the awards were for the Korea Tourism Organisation, the Senegalese Tourism Promotion Agency, and the Costa Rica Tourism Institute. In the Companies category, the awards were for Iberia, Meliá Hotels International and Paradores. In this section there was a special mention for the VP Hotels stand.The FITUR 2021 awards were given, in the Autonomous Community category, to La Rioja; Turismo y Deporte de Andalucía, and the Illes Balears (Mallorca -Menorca – Ibiza – Formentera) stand; in the Countries and Regions category: Georgian National Tourism; Argentina, and the Chinese Tourism office in Spain. The Companies category awards went to AEHM -Asociación Empresarial Hotelera de Madrid; Iberia; NH Hotel Group Part of Minor Hotels, and special mention for the Teatro Real.


The Competition for the Best Active Tourism Product, organised by FITUR in collaboration with the magazine Aire Libre, aims to boost development and marketing of the tourism industry and to promote the best quality tourism products.

The awards in the national category in the 2020 edition went to: The flight of the Five Senses -Segovia, presented by Siempre en las Nubes; A Trip in Time. Jornadas Culturales de Urriés – Saragossa, presented by the Urriés City Hall, and Immersion in Asturian Traditions. A Trip to optimism, presented by Kalyaventura. The international category awards went to: Passadiços do Paiva – Portugal, presented by the Municipality of Arouca; Tierras Polares Greenland, exploring Thule on a dog sled, presented by Tierras Polares, and Sustainable Vacations in the Norwegian Fjords, presented by Innovation Norway.

As for FITUR 2021, in the national category, the best active tourism products were Elixe Galicia presented by Xunta de Galicia; Seeking the Holy Grail presented by Comunidad Valenciana; Vall D’Aran Walking Festival in Lleida presented by Camins, and Barranco de Leze, Alava, Bizkaia, presented by Inguru Abentura. The awards in the International Category went to Cultural Immersion in the Orpheus Mountains, presented by Tandem Travel, and Korea Tourism Organization’s Promotion of 100 Contact- Free Tourist Sites presented by Korea Tourism Organization.

Tribuna FITUR-Jorge Vila Fradera award

Lastly, FITUR, in collaboration with the Spanish Association of Tourism Experts AECIT, gave the FITUR-Jorge Vila Fradera Tribune awards to the best unpublished tourism research papers in Spain and Latin America, which were, at FITUR 2020 for “Evolution, trends and future lines of Corporate Social Responsibility in the tourism Sector: a bibliometric analysis” by the authors Carlos Sánchez-Camacho and David Martín Consuegra, and at FITUR 2021 for the paper “Are ecotourists a homogeneous market?  Latent class segmentation of the Latin American market”, by the authors Carlota Lorenzo Romero, Maria del Carmen Alarcón del Amo and José Alberto Crespo Jareño.

PREMIO Tribuna FITUR-Jorge Vila Fradera

Por último, FITUR en colaboración con la Asociación Española de Expertos en Turismo, AECIT, distinguió con los Premios Tribuna -Jorge Vila Fradera a los mejores trabajos inéditos de investigación turística en España e Iberoamérica, que fueron, en FITUR 2020 para  “ Evolución, tendencias  y líneas futuras de la Responsabilidad Social Corporativa en el Sector Turístico: un análisis bibliométrico” de los autores,  Carlos Sánchez – Camacho y  David Martín Consuegra, y en FITUR 2021 para el trabajo “¿Son los ecoturistas un mercado homogéneo?. Segmentación de clases latentes del mercado iberoamericano”, de los autores, Carlota Lorenzo Romero, Mª del Carmen Alarcón del Amo y. José Alberto Crespo Jareño.