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Fitur Know-How & Export turns 10

SEGITTUR will measure the carbon footprint generated from building the stand and from visitors, and will plant trees to offset it. For the first time the digital footprint from the event will also be analysed, with the hashtag #FiturKnowHow

14 Jan 2022

FITUR KNOW-HOW & EXPORT turns ten years-old during this edition of the International Tourism Fair, from the 19 to 21 January. This section is promoted by SEGITTUR and FITUR in collaboration with ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones.

Throughout these ten editions, over 300 companies have participated in FITUR KNOW-HOW & EXPORT, an initiative that came about with the goal to provide visibility and boost internationalisation for companies, with technological solutions for tourism, both for destinations and for companies. Spain had accumulated “know-how” and the time had come to share it.

FITUR KNOW-HOW & EXPORT has become a reference for the tourism sector and a tool for increasing visibility. The percentage of company loyalty is quite high, some of them have participated in more than seven editions, because this has led them to increase their business portfolio and to be able to sell outside of Spain.

This tenth edition of Fitur Know-How & Export will focus on digitalisation, sustainability and smart tourism destinations, but not only theoretically, also in practice.

Measuring the carbon footprint

For the first time, SEGITTUR will measure the carbon footprint generated from building the stand and from visitors to FITUR KNOW-HOW & EXPORT.

A visitor interaction point has been created to measure the carbon footprint that they and employees have generated. Additionally, there will be several QR codes at the Stand, at SEGITTURLab and in the Auditorium, from which each visitor can access the measurement platform from their mobile device to see the footprint they generated and individual actions they can take to offset it.

SEGITTUR will plant a number of trees, the exact amount will be defined in accordance with the carbon footprint generated at FITUR KNOW-HOW & EXPORT, in order to offset it.

SEGITTUR, in collaboration with the company Atribus, will measure the event’s digital footprint, with the hashtag #FiturKnowHow. There will be digital screens set up for this, showing the activity on social media of the various activities from the Auditorium, SEGITTURLab or the exhibitor companies.


The content of this 10th edition will focus on digitalisation, providing visibility for new key technologies for current and future tourism, and the role of cybersecurity as a key element for a safe digital transformation; as well as the evolution and good practises cases of smart tourism destinations.

As for sustainability, attendees at Fitur Know-How & Export will have the chance to see how the circular economy applies to tourism, as well as the commitment to measuring the CO2 footprint generated by tourism and actions to offset it.


Exhibitor companies

There will be 38 exhibitor companies at this edition, offering solutions for the digital transformation of tourism offices, software for hotel management, social media management for destinations, promotional tools, virtual reality, tourism intelligence, etc. The catalogue of participating companies can be viewed at the SEGITTUR website.



The SEGITTURLab area will offer 18 practical workshops for tourism professionals, which will include such diverse subjects as digital tourism offices, active listening, data management, digitalisation of the sector, sustainable smart tourism, generating knowledge and the role of universities, and technology and revenue.

Those interested in SEGITTURLab can register through the online form available at the SEGITTUR website