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11 March 2021

Guatemala Emphasises Its Independence Bicentennial at FITUR

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Its stand, Guatemala: Heart Of the Mayan World, will give you a sensory experience of the country's regions through colours, aromas, flavours, handicrafts, textures and moments.

Visitors will be able to interact with touch screens, 3D content, music, aromas, and LED module technology with images of its traditions, and try traditional food.

Guatemala will be emphasising its independence bicentennial at FITUR, which will be holding its Tourism Recovery Special edition from 19th to 23rd May at Feria de Madrid.  The stand “Guatemala: Heart of the Mayan World” will give visitors a panoramic sensory experience of its regions through colours, aromas, flavours, crafts, textures and moments, for a unique experience.

Guatemala will be at FITUR to show that it is the country of eternal spring, of ancient cities, diverse cultures and Mayan languages, a thriving economy and modernity that blends together at every place you visit, “where you find colour in every corner you visit; you fall in love with its landscapes.” “It amazes you with its pleasant climate, the birdsong and the aroma of living nature,” explain the Guatemalan Tourism Institute (INGUAT).

Guatemala will also be promoting itself as a safe country that complies with all the necessary protocols and sanitary regulations to ensure a safe experience for tourists so that they can enjoy the best outdoor attractions. In this respect, “it has great potential, from mountains to volcanoes, lakes, ruins, volcanic sand beaches, forests packed with flora and fauna, and its welcoming people make you feel at home.”

At Guatemala’s FITUR stand, visitors will be able to interact with 3D content, music, aromas, and LED module technology with images of its traditions and more.

Outdoors and Nature

As the world returns to the (new) normal after the Covid-19 pandemic, Guatemala has the qualities and capabilities to meet the expectations that today’s tourists are looking for: open air, open spaces, nature, people who attend to your needs with warmth and friendliness, adventures to the limit, healthy and varied food, and biosecurity protocols throughout the value chain. “We are one of the world’s megadiverse countries and one of the main nature destinations. With its pre-Hispanic Mayan heritage, Guatemala stands out for its cultural richness through its archaeological sites and traditions that blend its past and with its present.”

“A tourist can have a mystical experience visiting archaeological sites, history, culture and nature, and discover iconic destinations in the Guatemala, Moderna y Colonial region, the Highlands, Living Mayan Culture and Petén.” If you are more interested in adventure, bird watching, health and wellness, or learning the Spanish language, “a longer stay in Guatemala is ideal.”

Another possibility that Guatemala is renowned for worldwide is organising international meetings. It has an excellent capacity to accommodate large numbers of participants and offers plenty of leisure time options. It’s also a popular wedding destination for international visitors, and this has been a growing trend in recent years.

Prevention Protocols

Guatemala’s tourism sector has put in place prevention protocols and actions against the pandemic for 14 segments. Its Good Practice Guidelines For Preventing Covid-19 and Other Infections includes a self-diagnosis tool. Employers use this tool to assess their status in implementing health and safety prevention protocols and establishing corrective measures where they detect any weaknesses.

Tourism sector businesses that demonstrate their commitment and comply with implementing these guidelines are awarded INGUAT’s Tourism Biosafety label. As an ambassador for the Safe Travel label, the Guatemalan Tourism Institute also grants that to businesses awarded the national label. So far, more than 300 tourism sector companies have been certified.