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FITUR TALENT Reveals Key Ideas For Recovery In Tourism Employment

People, Talent, Skills and Training are the theme of this space as it reaffirms its commitment at an edition of FITUR that will be decisive for the recovery of the tourism industry.

FITUR TALENT's exhibition space and activities programme will analyse perspectives, trends and strategies for tourism, talent management and recruitment businesses, universities and training centres.

28 Jan 2021

is moving forward as it organises content, providing spaces for sharing knowledge, and new tools to help the tourism industry’s recovery, in an edition that will be decisive for revitalising its activity. This year’s Fair will take place on special dates, from 19th to 23rd May at Feria de Madrid. A good example of this new strategy is its renewed commitment to FITUR TALENT, a special-interest space focusing on people, and on their potential, talent, skills, and professional training as the cornerstones of growth for tourism companies.

After a year in 2020 that saw the loss of millions of tourism jobs worldwide, businesses are looking forward to 2021 with the hope of a gradual recovery. Today more than ever, they need to have people ready to engage with the new kinds of tourist. Tourists who are more digital-aware than ever, more demanding about sanitary protocols, and are concerned about a business’s environmental impact and its ability to manage uncertainty in these times of pandemic.

New technologies are having an increasing impact on the tourism industry, and it needs people who know how to manage them and to innovate. From new teleworking formats, which are here to stay, to managing technologies such as big data & analytics tools, artificial intelligence, blockchain, chatbots, or IoT, which are now a firm feature of the tourism industry. Readiness, recruitment, and retaining this talent will be essential for the future profitability and competitiveness of the global tourism industry.

FITUR TALENT will have its own exhibition space and content. It will analyse the perspectives and strategies of tourism, talent management and recruitment companies, universities and training centres, with global leaders in the sector, through conferences, workshops and meetings. As at the last edition, both the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) will have their own spaces where they will analyse trends and present studies and reports about tourism employment and training on a global scale.

About FITUR “Tourism Recovery Special”

FITUR is one of the world’s leading tourism trade fairs and an essential meeting point between the tourism industry and Latin American inbound and outbound markets. Organised by IFEMA, this 41st edition will take place from 19th to 23rd May 2021 at Feria de Madrid. These are exceptional dates for an edition of FITUR especially focused on relaunching tourism and creating an environment of confidence and recovery for companies and destinations. This edition will take place over five days of commercial and business activity that will focus on repositioning the Spanish and worldwide tourism provision. It will provide a showcase aimed at strengthening this sector, which is vital for economic growth, and showing future trends in specialisation, technology, and sustainability