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17 January 2022

In its second edition, FITUR Woman will provide visibility on the role of young women and will give voice to the renowned women entrepreneurs in the tourism industry

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With the collaboration of WOMEN LEADING TOURISM – WLT, FITUR WOMAN will be the meeting point for awareness-raising, discussions and dialogue, and leverage to promote the role of women in this industry, from the standpoint of leadership and sustainability

For the second year running, FITUR, in collaboration with WOMEN LEADING TOURISM – WLT, is organising FITUR WOMAN which will again focus on Goal 5 of the SDGs, promoting gender equality and women's empowerment in the tourism sector.

During an intense conference programme, it will approach one of the longest-reaching issues, and with the highest potential in terms of profitability, sustainability and competitiveness for the tourism industry. It will also provide a voice for women’s leadership both for young women and for renowned entrepreneurs in various sub-sectors of the tourism industry.  

The programme will take place on Thursday the 20th January, in the morning, and will offer the presentations WLT- Youth <35: The future of tourism: digital, sustainable and inclusive, and Raising Awareness on Leadership by women who are leaders in various fields, with short, high-impact Flash Presentations. Additionally, this year the section Making the Invisible Visible will include refugee women who have led changes in their countries of origin.

The program will dedicate an area to sharing regional and international experiences, policies and best practises, and there will also be a panel of ministers.

Worldwide, the travel and tourism sector employs 54% of women, however, women still do not hold enough strategic roles in a sector where the search for equality is still a key issue on the agenda. 62 million jobs were destroyed worldwide due to the pandemic and, again, women were disproportionately affected. The existing gender inequalities increased and the wage gap expanded. After the pandemic health crisis, women have seen how the challenges that they were already facing intensified.


The association WOMEN LEADING TOURISM – WLT– promotes and boosts women's presence in the higher rungs of tourism corporate governance, and discusses the challenges resulting from the lack of feminine presence in the executive levels of the tourism industry. It also proposes becoming a mentor to a new generation of women who have an important role reserved for them in the tourism sector.


10:15 Opening ceremony

10:20 Official Inauguration of FITUR WOMAN II Edition

10:30 The company: an overview

10:40 WLT- Youth <35: The future of tourism: digital, sustainable and inclusive

11:05 Wheel the world: Joanna Grau

11:15 Women’s Leadership in Public Administration. Tourism

11:45 Sevilla: a case study

12.00 Making the Invisible Visible - Refugee Women

12:15 Making Leadership Visible: Flash Presentation

12:40 Sharing Europe & America

13:00 WTO study

13:10 Conclusions

13:15 Closing ceremony