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16 February 2021

FITUR Shows How Technology Play a Key Role In Boosting Tourism Recovery In 2021

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Leading tourism technology companies will be at the Fair to showcase the innovations that will help revitalise the sector. Firms like AdQuiver, Asksuite, Beonprice, Cloudbeds, IDeaS, LoungeUp, Newhotel Software, Noray, PaynoPain, ProfitRoom, RoomRaccoon and The Hotels Network explain some of their most innovative proposals.

Technology will be a critical factor in revitalising the hotel and tourism sector in 2021, and this year’s main innovations will be on show in FITUR’s TRAVEL TECHNOLOGY section.

AdQuiver Focuses On Boosting Direct Sales

AdQuiver will be at FITUR to show its MAdTech technology offering to help tourism companies boost their direct sales. It’s an agency focusing on Data-Driven Marketing to generate direct sales in the tourism sector. MoirAI is a platform that combines Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Business Intelligence to optimise the processing of digital advertising bids to achieve exponential sales growth through tourism companies’ direct digital channels.

Asksuite Showcases Its Successful Chatbots 

Asksuite will be showcasing its successful hotel chatbots at the Fair and to demonstrate why Hotel Tech Report has named it “2021’s #1 Livechat & Chatbot Website.” Asksuite users highlight features such as the omnichannel messaging platform, a seamless direct booking process, and user experience. 

Beonprice Gets Ready For the Hotel Sector’s Recovery

Beonprice will be at FITUR to show the three new modules in its Revenue Management System (RMS) platform, in readiness for the hotel sector’s economic recovery. The first module provides hotel managers with a tool for modelling the behaviour of demand and its recovery, using what they call conjuncture events. With the Forecast Override module, a user can modify the tool’s forecast at the closing date when the user’s knowledge suggests that the forecast needs adjusting. And the latest update makes it easier for Revenue Managers to set up new Business Rules.

Cloudbeds, A Better PMS and Booking Engine

Cloudbeds will be at the Fair showing why it has been voted Best Property Management System (PMS) 2021, and Best Hotel Booking Engine. These awards reflect its commitment to creating the best systems, designed to improve all aspects of a business: property, staff and guests. By combining a practical approach with technical expertise, it simplifies the working lives of hotel managers and owners in 157 countries. “We’re seeing a fundamental shift in the industry. Successful hoteliers prioritise technology that is seamlessly connected and easy-to-use,” says Adam Harris, CEO, and Co-Founder of Cloudbeds.

IDeaS, Revenue Management Software

IDeaS Revenue Solutions will be at FITUR to show its latest innovations in software, hotel technology and intelligence solutions. Family-run and owned Anatolia Hospitality has selected IDeaS G3 Revenue Management System (RMS) to manage, control, and maximise its data. Anatolia will implement IDeaS initially at its two city hotels in Greece with the highest booking dynamic, Anatolia Hotel and Onoma Hotel in Thessaloniki.

LoungeUp Digitalises the Customer Journey

LoungeUp will showcase the latest innovations in its customer relationship management platform specifically for tourism accommodation providers. Its most recent innovations enable hotels to offer their customers a completely mobile experience by dematerialising procedures (including mobile check-in and check-out, payments, room service, mobile keys) and improving the customer journey (digital concierge, personalised recommendations, communication via SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger). In December 2020, LoungeUp acquired Dmbook Pro to enable interactions between hotel teams, transmit information internally, and process all customer requests to serve them as efficiently as possible.

Newhotel Software for Process Automation

Newhotel Software and Roommatik have joined forces to simplify hotel management by automating check-in and check-out processes. Roommatik is a check-in kiosk manufacturer with more than a decade of experience in the market. Roommatik kiosks operate autonomously, without intervention by hotel staff. All stages of the process are automated: from guest identification and room selection, through to paying for their stay, and key return.

Noray Helps Hotel Managers Take Control of the Business

Noray will be at FITUR to show how hotels and chains can take control of their business using state-of-the-art technology. This strategy is embodied in the #Noraysigueaqui (Noray still here) initiative, which includes a series of actions that began in the first week of lockdown. Noray has also launched several new products, such as “You’ve Never Had an Opportunity Like This,” a campaign with an online self-assessment service about digital transformation for hotels.

PaynoPain, Enabling Digital Payments

PaynoPain will be at FITUR showing its latest proposals for improving tourist confidence in the hotel sector. “We’ve been working on payment digitalisation with the hotel sector for many years, but especially since the PSD2 regulation came into force.” Its Paylands technology, makes payment digitalisation, automation and integration really easy for hotel managers. It provides card tokenisation, so hotels can charge expenses or no-shows without the guest being physically present, while complying with PSD2 and minimising physical contact and infection risk.” This automation can also increase productivity, “reducing the risk of errors and increasing security, both internally and externally.”

Profitroom Shares Tools and Expert Advice

Profitroom will be showing how it shares tools and expert consultancy with Spanish hotels, leisure establishments and resorts. These solutions and services will be critical for recovery in bookings and redesigning direct sales strategies. With the slogan “Simply More Bookings,” its complete suite of technology solutions already streamlines sales processes at more than 3500 hotels worldwide, including markets such as the United Kingdom, Germany, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

RoomRaccoon, Integrated Management Solutions

RoomRaccoon is an online system with integrated solutions for all-in-one accommodation management. It will be presenting two technologies: one for more effective customer user experience management, check-in, and Covid-19 compliance, and another for payments, with RaccoonPay, its online payment gateway. In 2020, it launched its own Contactless Stay label to distinguish establishments that provide secure, contactless, online check-in. It has also launched RaccoonPay, a proprietary online payment gateway, connected to its Booking Engine and Hotel System.

Hotels Network Launches a Hotel Benchmarking Product

The Hotels Network (THN), a direct channel growth platform, has developed a revolutionary hotel benchmarking product: BenchDirect is available free of charge to all hoteliers. This innovative product provides hoteliers with an interactive analytics platform for comparing key metrics from their direct channel and benchmarking their hotel’s performance against the market and the competition.