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16 January 2024

FITUR TALENT 2024 will be examining the relationship between tourism, talent and Artificial Intelligence

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It is held under the theme 'The human factor in the tourism industry: talent in times of Artificial Intelligence'.

It will feature authoritative voices offering an in-depth look at talent, education and professional training and the impact of new technologies on tourism.

FITUR Talent, organised by IFEMA MADRID in collaboration with EDUCACIÓN 3.0, is hosting a new edition at the International Tourism Trade Fair. This year it is being held on Thursday 25 January in Hall 10 with a full programme featuring some of the industry's authoritative voices, who will be offering an in-depth and detailed view of the tourism industry with a focus on people, talent, education and professional training and the impact of new technologies.

Under the title 'The human factor in the tourism industry: talent in times of Artificial Intelligence', FITUR Talent has the Premium Sponsorship of ManpowerGroup Spain, ZITHS (Zambia Institute of Tourism & Hospitality Studies) and the ESIC Business & Marketing School and Basic Sponsorship from the University of the Balearic Islands, HTL International School of Hospitality, Tourism & Languages, GEHOCAN, HBX Group and ASETUR and will culminate its day of reflection on how talent is adapting and evolving in the technological era with a drinks reception.

Full programme of FITUR Talent 2024:

Thursday 25 January

10am Opening and welcome

10.05 - 10.50am | 'Africa Travel, Hospitality & Tourism Education Summit'.

Mulemwa Moongwa, Chairperson of the ZITHS (Zambia Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Studies) Council, will be presenting the Zambia Summit with the aim of promoting constructive dialogue for the promotion of tourism, exploring innovations and showcasing trade and investment in industrial education. The presentation will be delivered in English and is interactive.

10.55 - 11.40am | ‘Talento a la fuga’ (Talent on the run)

Teresa Samaniego García, corporate sector director Travel & Services at ManpowerGroup Spain, will be presenting how companies are tackling the current challenge of generational change and the coexistence of young and senior talent, work-life balance, digital transformation or the vocation of service and the pressing need to evolve and adapt.

11.45am - 12.30pm : 'Tourism and Talent 3.0'.

Bartolomé Deyà, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Tourism at the University of the Balearic Islands, and Jaime Moserrat, President of Turistec; Mireia Faugier, CEO of Direct Beds, will be discussing the new sector trends and the change experienced by its professionals, and will be explaining the need for tourism training organisations to develop new training projects. Alongside their students, they will present initiatives to maximise the employability of their students.

12.35 – 13.20pm | ‘Nuevos tiempos – nuevas amenzadas: ¿podrá la IA reemplazar a un ser humano? (New times - new threats, could AI replace a human being?)

Polina Grek. The head of the Academic Department at the HTL International School of Hospitality, Tourism & Languages, will be examining technological developments in the hospitality sector and their threats to first-time job applicants and presenting how the HTL International School of Hospitality, Tourism & Languages helps its students to be prepared for the professional battle against Artificial Intelligence.

13.25 - 14.10pm | Presentation: “Turismo y talento: amenazas vs oportunidades” (Tourism and talent: threats vs. opportunities)

Round Table: “Innovación y tecnología en la industria turística: competimos por el talento” (Innovation and technology in the tourism industry: competing for talent)

José María Pestaña Sartorius, Head of Innovation and Public Affairs at HBX Group, will be offering his perspective on technological innovation applied to the tourism industry and how to attract the next generation of talent. He will also moderate a round table discussion with representatives of companies from the innovation sector.

2.15 - 3.15pm | Aperitif

3.15 - 4pm | ‘La inteligencia artificial y la gestión de personas como compañeros de viaje destinados a mejorar la experiencia y el recuerdo del viajero’ (Artificial intelligence and people management as travel companions to enhance traveller experience and recall)

Bruno Correa, retired CEO of Paradise Park Fun Lifestyle Hotel, and David Piélago, a company psychologist in the Health and Safety Area of FREMAP, will explain how the emotional management of professional relationships improves the bottom line. They will also be explaining how the correct application of AI is complementary to the human factor and allows more time to be spent on people management.

4.05 – 4.50pm | “Trabajar en la industria turística de lujo: las claves del éxito” (Working in the luxury travel industry: the keys to success)

José Luis Pérez-Pla Westendorp. The advisor to VP Hotels and Professor at ESIC Business & Marketing School will explain how to work in the luxury tourism industry and will explain from his point of view what the keys to success are.

4.55 - 5.40pm | Round table: “Talento y nuevas tecnologías: desafíos y oportunidades para los destinos mexicanos” (Talent and new technologies: challenges and opportunities for Mexican destinations)

Participants: Michelle Fridman. Secretary of Tourism, Yucatan; Maricarmen Martinez, Secretary of Tourism, Nuevo León; Gloria Romo, Secretary of Tourism, Aguascalientes; Miguel Aguiñaga, Secretary of Tourism, Baja California; Juan Enrique Suárez del Real, Secretary of Tourism, Nayarit and President of the Union of Secretaries of Tourism of Mexico (ASETUR).

Representatives from four leading tourism destinations in Mexico will be discussing the prospects, opportunities and challenges posed by the exponential development of AI in the tourism sector.

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