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Wide Variety of Sections and Activities

FITUR is increasing its specialisation and expanding some of its sections including FITUR SCREEN and FITUR FESTIVALS, in addition to its already well-established special-interest spaces, such as FITUR GAY (LGBT+) and FITUR HEALTH.

17 Jan 2020

FITUR FESTIVALS. This section specialises in music tourism, with an area for stands, a programme of panel discussions which will present the objectives of the Festivals division of APM (Music Promoters Association) and offer different talks, and an attractive weekend agenda.

FITUR GAY (LGBT+). In addition to the exhibition area, this year the space is focusing on promotion and internationalisation of destinations through events and the necessary associated institutional backing. It has a programme of talks and discussions, and a varied leisure activity over the weekend.

FITUR HEALTH. This area specialises in health tourism, and has a stands area, a programme of talks and also a B2B and B2C area, showcasing a range of services.

FITUR SCREEN. Screen tourism is a growing phenomenon worldwide and FITUR offers a platform that brings the tourism industry together with film & television, to encourage cooperation between them.


FITUR GAY Programme