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The new trends point towards a comprehensive tourism

The new trends in 2020 point towards a comprehensive tourism, both in the diversity of proposals and offering (especially cultural, gastronomic and entertainment) and in the inclusion of technology and sustainability. A new situation that will require further joint work between travel operators and agencies specialising in the sociocultural offerings of the various destinations, as advised by experts. The General Director of Bienvenidos (Entertainment and Culture Guide of Cuba), the Councillor for Tourism of the City Council of Ciudad Rodrigo and the Director of FEVITUR analyse what travelling will be like next year.

14 Nov 2019

María del Carmen Madariaga, General Director of the renowned magazine Bienvenidos (Entertainment and Culture Guide of Cuba), considers that “the trends for 2020 will focus on comprehensive tourism, that can offer a combination of cultural tourism (art, history, traditions) of the place that we are going to visit, with a contribution of nature and/or adventure tourism (excursions, hiking routes, water activities, etc.) and a portion for resting to be able to disconnect from daily stresses, whether at beach destinations with entertainment incentives or picturesque places in rural environments or eco-tourism”.

To this end, this expert considers that “we have to work jointly between the tour operators and the organisations specialising in the socio-cultural offering of the various destinations that are offered as holiday packages”.

Better quality in products and destinations

Spain is one of the countries that has begun working towards this. Beatriz Jorge Carpio, Tourism Councillor with the City Hall of Ciudad Rodrigo –a town that is part of the Consorcio Transfronterizo de Ciudades Amuralladas, which will showcase its latest news at FITUR- is convinced that tourism in our country is evolving towards “maximum quality in products and destinations in all areas”. And she says in this regard that “culture, history, heritage and gastronomy are becoming increasingly consolidated among the multiple options on offer”.

Patricia Valenzuela, Director of FEVITUR (Spanish Federation of Associations of Vacation Homes and Apartments), is convinced that next year “those destinations that best combine culture, gastronomy and entertainment will be the most successful”. And she also highlighted the importance of the vacation rentals sector, which “have been popular for several years, especially with the family segment”.

The conclusions of a study recently carried out, referenced by Hosteltur, point towards factors such as technology, the growing sense of responsibility and a closer connection with the people and places of the destination, setting the main travelling trends for next year.