Navarre Promotes Signposted Cycling Routes and Circuits

Cycling fans have a very attractive destination in Navarre, where they can enjoy vibrant routes surrounded by unique landscapes. At FITUR, this region will promote a wide variety of signposted circuits that can be enjoyed by families, couples or alone. Navarre’s Tourism Department proposes several alternatives.

19 Dec 2019

The region’s Tourism Department encourages people to enjoy cycling and “take the challenge on more technical and prepared routes, to live a different experience, routes that connect Navarre with the rest of Europe, like the Eurovelo 1-Ederbidea.” They also propose more conventional itineraries such as the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago, with “landscapes so incredible that you’ll have to stop to take photos.”

There are also more mountainous trails and others that are easier, with hardly any hills, ideal for people with reduced mobility, families, and enthusiasts of all ages, such as the Greenways. In the meantime, Navarre is continuing work on extending Eurovelo 1 to Pamplona and getting ready for Eurovelo 3, “which will join us to the French section of the Pilgrim’s Way to Santiago.”

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