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Peter Grönberg, CEO de Göteborg & Co

Peter Grönberg, CEO of Göteborg & Co, explains in this interview with FITURNews the key reasons why Gothenburg has been named (along with Málaga) European Capital of Smart Tourism 2020. And he discusses why the tourism industry in the city has been growing steadily over three decades.

27 Dec 2019

What does the European Commission’s recognition of Gothenburg as European Capital of Smart Tourism 2020 mean to you?

It’s is a recognition of all the work and creativity that our local partners do when it comes to making Gothenburg a smart destination. In a way, it marks the beginning of a new era for Gothenburg. We intend to build relationships and collaborate with other cities and be a driving force for the European Union when it comes to moving from being smart to being even smarter.

How will this recognition boost tourism in Gothenburg?

It will be a platform for communicating with other destinations and cities throughout Europe. We have already been covered by international media, and the advertising is boosting interest among tourists and tourism industry investors.

What other actions is Gothenburg planning in the tourism field?

We know that investment in sustainability, accessibility, digital transformation, culture and creativity is a wise one. With the help of the award, we can be an even firmer ambassador for this way of thinking. Currently, we are planning activities related to the European Capital of Smart Tourism award.

What is the city’s tourism forecast for 2020?

Gothenburg has had almost three decades of continuous growth in its tourism industry, and all forecasts point to a continued increase in visitor numbers, both domestic and international. The city is in a phase of development that will probably lead to strong growth in the coming years.